The Fall of Man and Angels?


There is something that has puzzeled me about the fall of man as conveyed in Genesis.

First it is my understanding that the fall of humankind is not about eating a piece of fruit. The fruit is a metaphor and so is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In otherwords the fall of humanity is about Adam and Eve choosing for themselves what is good and what is evil instead of God determining this. If you believe the literal story the same meaning is conveyed.

The fall of humanity then is a result of these two people making this wrong choice causing all subsequent generations to be born with a sinful nature which gives rise to the great suffering of our world. Therefore, in order to save the world God emptied himself into a human body and died on the Cross for our sins.

Here’s my problem. How could humanity be guilty of anything if we are all born with a sinful nature? Isn’t that like blaming a an ill person for being ill. In other words we are in some way retarded when it comes to morality. Would you blame a mentally retarded person for being mentally retarded? No they are born that way due to some defect. So how could we be guilty? It seems like i am missing something here. Christ’s sacrifice is so huge in significance that we would have to really be guilty of something and original sin inborn into us seems to get us off the hook for being guilty of anything.

Is this the price to pay for free will or do you think before the fall we pre-existed and took part in the decision to step away from God? (There is also the matter of the 1/3 of the Angels that also seemed to follow Lucifer to step away from God who were eventually thrown to the earth/ pls tell me we are not those souls as the stories in Genesis and Revelation are similar)

Can anyone provide a theological explanation?

Thank You


We broke our nature by presuming to know good and evil–and because it was our original archetypes that did it, we retain that “knowledge”. They, as the originators of our nature, changed their own nature before passing it on to us. If you undergo gene therapy (where your genes are rewritten by a tailormade retrovirus), you will pass on the modified genes to your children. So Adam and Eve passed on their sin, their broken natures, to all their children, since their children were born of their nature.

To fix the brokenness, Perfection Himself had to take on that same nature by being born of a woman, and then being offered as a sacrifice to his own law, Highest given to Highest.

It should be pointed out that “know” here does not mean “be aware of”, but “know all about, be intimately acquainted with, have authority over”–a similar usage to “biblical knowledge,” as they used to say in American courts;) . We presumed to define morality for ourselves, but we lacked that right: because we are images.

It should be pointed out that the devil, too, marred his nature when he fell, but since he exists outside time and doesn’t change his mind, he can never fix it. He’s also the smartest thing God ever created, so he can’t claim ignorance, as even unfallen humans probably could.


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