The Fallout From Sanders' Rhetoric

Bernie Sanders calls Israel’s Netanyahu a “reactionary racist”, says he’d consider moving embassy back to Tel Aviv

By Aila Slisco On 2/25/20 at 10:12 PM EST

Senator Bernie Sanders called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “reactionary racist” during the Democratic primary presidential debate on Tuesday.

Sanders made the comment after he was asked a question about criticism from some fellow Jews who say he is not supportive enough of Israel and fear that he would move the U.S. embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv. The Trump administration controversially moved it to Jerusalem in 2018.

“The answer is it’s something we would take into consideration,” said Sanders. “But here’s the point, I am very proud of being Jewish. I actually lived in Israel for some months. But what I happen to believe is that right now sadly, tragically in Israel through Bibi Netanyahu, you have a reactionary racist who is now running that country.”

Disgraceful name-calling on national tv, add in what we’ve heard from certain House Representatives.

Undeniably, we’ve seen a rise in anti-semitism, we have seen attacks in the news.

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Is Bernie Sanders being accused of anti-semitism?

Is the thread title meant to be a retort to the thread titled “The Fallout From Trump’s Rhetoric

Here is the question and Bernie’s response. Time marker 2:40:19

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Senator Bernie Sanders pledged to support Israel but called Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “reactionary racist” that ignores the “suffering of the Palestinian people”

I don’t know what Bernie is so upset about. Israel has something like a 97.8% literacy rate. I thought he was able to look past things as long as people are literate. He brushed off the murderous Castro regime in Cuba because they implemented a literacy program.

He hasn’t said anything wrong.

Being against Bibi isn’t the same as being against Israel or the Jewish people. Bernie was spot on.


It isn’t racist. Bernie thinks this guy’s politics is just what he said. He might be right or wrong but it isn’t racistand it isn’t without a basis.

You may disagree with Bernie Sanders’ comment about Netanyahu, but he has this much in common with Donald Trump: he does not mince words and calls things exactly as he sees them. A debate between the two of them would be very stimulating.

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So Bernie hates himself, is he the classic ‘self-hating’ Jew? Is that what you are saying?

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Too bad Phillip Roth isn’t around anymore to ask (as he was the expert on self-loathing Jews).

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