The Family on Netflix?

Has anyone seen this?

I sat and watched all 5 hours at once.

Very interesting. I felt it definitely had an agenda though.

No one has seen this?

What agenda?

I saw episode one - I didn’t know what to make of it. It felt like a drama whereas they should have been aiming for purely documentary. The drama aspect took away the impact they were trying to achieve.

I saw first episode. Is it worth to watch all others?
I find it normal. People use all sorts of things to get power. This time they used Him. Jesus said it will happen.

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I read the review of it and it looked like it was going to try to make something sinister out of normal political business-as-usual between a bunch of guys who all happen to espouse Evangelical faiths.

Yeah, sure there’s political machinations happening at the National Prayer Breakfast. It’s Washington, DC. Those who work in politics are engaging in politics everywhere they go, probably even in the rest rooms.

Usually these kinds of documentaries come from people who are biased against the idea of Christians being in power and are pitching their documentary to people “outside the Beltway”. Ho hum.

Yes, it really was a documentary with the
story of the author as a young man when he came to live at this house with these other Christians included within the documentary.

I found it interesting.

I found it worthwhile to watch the other episodes. With each episode you learned
more about this group.

It was more a type of ‘prosperity gospel’ - the elite were supposedly chosen.

I did say I thought there was an agenda,
however, I felt it interesting none the less.
Especially their idea of how they use Jesus
in their interactions with foreign leaders from all faiths.

If you watch it, you can sort of ignore whatever you think is propaganda and learn from the rest.

The propaganda was not that blatant and
certainly not in comparison to a Michael
Moore documentary.

I am not sure who wrote the review you read, but sometimes it is still good to find out for ourselves. I had no idea they had been around since Eisenhower.

I am not sure if it was a prosperity gospel, but maybe I missed that part.

Unfortunately, I’m already seeing posts on Facebook from people who are watching this and citing it as more evidence that religious people are scheming and twisted and that Christianity is bad.

It can be twisted as bad, too ignore it, pretend it didn’t happen only breeds mistrust.

I also sat and watched the 5 hours in one hit and was enthralled. I thought that the idea of the sister house to specifically train young women to submit and serve their husband was cultish.

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Though they specifically renounce the Christian bit. They refer to themselves as followers of Jesus and only reference the Gospel and Acts from the NT.

Their aim is to form an elite group of men with an agenda that they are associating with Jesus but not with Christianity, to have governing. I found it interesting that they didn’t really put much emphasis on republican or democrat. The agenda is higher than the political poles. Why I find this interesting is that I’ve been fascinated by Putins agenda in the last few years in this area as well. He has a strange admiration for both Stalin and Ivan the Terrible who had ideologically opposite positions. To me he is reorganising Russia away from any people participation, into classes. The special elite who have the ultimate right to govern, the inferior majority. I’m truly fascinated and concerned by this unfolding global spectre and frankly I use spectre in the occult sense!

Yes, but they definitely interpret Acts from a Protestant point of view, not a Catholic one, do you agree?

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Yes. The concept of ‘unconditional election’ that puts this group above accountability is Calvin like. True.

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I started watching it. The author, who is half Jewish, got into the group with the agenda of writing about them. His motive to become a true Christian is not clear, but he eventually leaves the group and of course writes the book which is critical of the group.

To me, it was a criticism of a Christian PAC with a Lobbyists, which the author presents as somehow a bad thing.

I thought to myself, gee others have PAC’s and lobbyists as well, but because this is a Christian group, it’s somehow dangerous. Maybe it is, but not more so than other groups with lobbyists.


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I agree. That is how I analyzed it.

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