The family that prays together, stays together


Who here at CAF prays the family Rosary?

I don’t just mean everyone in the household gathering together and praying a decade or five. It could be a mother praying while her children watch, or two brothers praying the Rosary together.


I don’t have a family but my elder brother is married with 7 kids and makes a big point of the family rosary amongst other things. The family that prays together does stay together.


We teach marriage prep to couples just forming a family and we remind them of this statement…that it is more than just a cliche, it’s the truth. So not only invite God to your wedding day but every day afterward and he will help your family remain together, because society and our culture just does not support families any longer.


Our family started saying the Rosary together about 10 years ago. Our kids are all grown up and gone now – but they still say the Rosary every day and we expect they will say the Rosary every evening with their spouses and children.

I firmly believe that the family Rosary is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons we have.


I have no Catholic family- therefore no family rosary. My family prays together before meals, and occasionally at other times (before we go to bed sometimes- this was more common when I was little and my parents would “tuck me in”). Growing up, I thought of my family as a prayerful one- but perhaps not as much as some families (my grandparents take every opportunity they see to pray, and I knew of some similar families). I think family prayer is very important- and I am thankful to know many Catholic families who are very prayerful and holy.


Yes, praying together is a great idea, but what if you’re the only member of the family who wants to do it? Any suggestions for overcoming serious opposition?


The kids and I have been doing a decade together in the evening for 4-5 years now. It took 3+ years to get DH to be in on it - I asked here and there, but finally all it took was him hearing Fr Corapi in passing one evening saying that the FATHER of the house needs to be praying right with the kids and Mom. NOw he doesn’t make it every night due to a 2nd job, but 50% of the time he does. And when he’s not home, the kids dedicate their intentions for his welfare. So that keeps him involved whether he likes it or not.


I also hope to be enlightened on how to start this Rosary practice among my family myself. Right now, I think that the Divine Mercy chaplet is a great devotion and interlude. Easier to say and still powerful. I also suspect that it is wonderful for praying with Protestants as well to lead to Jesus.

Divine Mercy Chaplet


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