The far right is struggling to contain Qanon after giving it life


I would steer carefully around any speculation on this.

Reason, being, Anonymous has an intrigue with this character. And not a really good one.

The forum apparently is a cast of hackers and other sorts who love the aliases of anonymous identities.

Back in 2011 and 2012, Anonymous have a score to settle as certain defects fell out of the circle of Anonymous as informers. All because of the hacking to major Credit Card companies online, Scientology, and others. And including a security firm.

It only got my attention to the matter because Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio had covered the phenomena of Qanon. And that drew my detective sleuthing skills (I should say just from reading Father Brown Mysteries, and of course some Sherlock Holmes. And of course watching Poirot.) This might be an interesting project to find what the heck it is.

But when you read a book about the hackers, and in which one elite group calling themselves “Q” among the Anonymous. I then begin to wonder that the aim of the Qanon is really to stir up the beehive of Anonymous. Something they call PsyOps. And that is where it gets dangerous, in my opinion.

For all we know, as most network security operates, “Q” could be a honeypot intentionally sounding “dumb.” And perplexing the Anonymous hackers. Q has been referred to as a LARP, and so forth. But that’s just my opinion.

There could be old scores and vendetta’s these people are laying down. And perhaps with WikiLeaks and other compromised forms of communication, there is the “lair.” Of where Anonymous resides. And perhaps, since the Anonymous says Legion. That, with this Christian-like element of what is called right-wing, could mean these Christian types look at Anonymous like the Legion of Demons. And so this is a so-called Christian banner heralding this victory. There are people with old scores to settle among the Cybersecurity fringe against Anonymous. And that is what I believe is going on.

Another Fake News story from NBC tsk tsk

This is not fake news at all. It’s honestly very interesting how the far-right is divided on the Qanon issue. If you go on Reddit you can easily see the division, this is easily verifiable stuff.

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