The fast food of sex

Like most technology, the good can be good and the bad follows right behind. This is truly a disturbing article:

The Fast-Food of Sex:

Please pray for our world!

God bless us all

Toothing was created by British journalists Ste Curran and Simon Byron. Amused and baffled by the dogging craze, they decided to invent an imaginary trend with a silly name and see if people would believe it. They wrote a fictitious article about a guy called “Jon” who supposedly messaged a random girl by accident while commuting. The flirtatious contact continued until, a couple of days later, the girl suggested squeezing into the local restroom for a quickie - or so the article claimed.

:confused: This only proves how gullible most people are or have become. Not that the journalists can’t be blamed for anything, of course. What a sick joke.

I will pray with you. :amen:

~Stacey :shamrock:

I have a hard time believing this. I certainly have never heard anyone having sex in a public bathroom. How gross! Even if you were sexually licentious, a public bathroom is filthy and stinky. Your partner could be filthy and stinky too. Ugh!!

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