The Father and the Holy Spirit


This is something that I always wondered, and I really don’t think it will be answered until I hopefully share in the Beatific Vision. But, someone may already have an answer to this.

If Jesus was concieved by the “power of the Holy Spirit” and Mary was considered the spouse of the Holy Spirit, why did Jesus not refer to the Holy Spirit as “Father”?

Does anyone know of any writings that can help answer this or is this part of the mystery of faith?


Mary does not bear the same relation to her divine Son as does God the Father. From the Father he is born before all time; from Mary he was born at a definite point of history. Consequently we may speak of two relations of sonship (filiatio - Summa III, q. 35, art. 5); one eternal, by which the Father generates his Son according to his divine nature; the other temporal, whereby Mary gave birth to him in time according to his human nature. But the term of both the Father’s and Mary’s relationship to the Son is one and the same, namely, the person of the Word.


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