The Father Corapi Void

I stiil remember when my wife and I discovered Father Corapi. Instead of the friday night movie, we would look forward to Father Corapi and his gift of oratory. What a gift to the church he was. He always made me think of saint Jude, and what our Lord said of him, “there is no guile in him”. Sadly, it appears, Father Corapi has burned out. Sure, he has a web site, but that is not the same thing. My wife and I (parents of two little girls) still remember Father Corapi preaching, " It is an attack on beauty…it is an attack on goodness…", in response to this age of harsh realities. Father Corapi was blessed by the Holy Spirit. Anyone who has listened to him can attest to this fact. With he and Mother Angelica gone from live broadcasts on EWTN, can the network remain spiritually revelational. Also, does anyone know Doug Keck, (the guy who seems to have taken over the reigns at EWTN). I have heard that he is an ex-ad man from Madison Avenue. If EWTN becomes an unholy enterprise then the faith and the faithful will suffer greatly. Is there an insider out there who can allay my fears?

All (many) of Fr Corapi’s programs are repeated on both EWTN radio and TV. I go to bed just before midnight, and listen to him on the radio every weeknight from midnight to 1AM. Doug Keck, as I recall, many many years ago was employed on the Playboy channel. You can see that he long ago had a great conversion of heart. EWTN, to me, is and has always been led by Holy Spirit. Do not worry, it is growing, and it will be fine. Very many people, and all the Sisters at the Shrine pray for the network. Amen.

He is on EWTN tonight (Saturday) at 1000pm Eastern time and every SAturday night I think.:thumbsup:

He is on most Saturdays @ 10PM Eastern. His series on the Catechism usually airs on Sunday @ 8PM.

Also he is doing several live conferences this year.

I think I heard that he was told to cut back on activities due to some ill health. The “Dirty Harry of Priests” is indeed missed by lots of people! At least we have reruns.

Fadda Corapi has made a couple of live appearances since his illness, on one or the other EWTN program. I remember Abundant Life by name, but that’s all.

He was instrumental in leading me to Holy Mother Church. :thumbsup:

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