The "Father" in Confession


Hello CAF!

I realized right after Confession on Saturday, that I didn’t know the answer to this simply question!

You say, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…”. Is the “Father” addressing God the Father, or the priest? I know in Confession you are really talking to God through the priest, but the priest also says, “Let the Lord bless you”, and it seems you might be asking for that blessing.

Thank you! I can’t believe I never thought to ask!! :rolleyes:


You are addressing the priest and asking for his blessing.


Yes…and no.

We are addressing him as Father, by his title as priest, but in a sense, you could say you asking for blessings from God the Father through Jesus Christ, who the priest is (in persona) during administration of all sacraments.


Thank you for your answers!


You are addressing the priest. The priest is acting in personna Christi…so if you were addressing God, you’d be addressing God the Son, not God the Father.

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