The Father

When we say the son was born of the father brfore all ages does this imply that Jesus was created by the father? Is this the same for the Holy Spirit?

Begotten, not made, says the Creed.

No, the Word and the Holy Spirit are not created. The Word is begotten of the Father, meaning he comes from the Father and has the same essence as the Father. “Created” would mean that the Father created something out of nothing.

Likewise, the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son and is of the same essence as the Father and the Son. Neither the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Spirit are created in any sense.

I recommend Saint Thomas Aquinas to better understand this:

When Jesus would pray since the Father and the Holy Spirit were in him does this mean in a way he was praying to his divine self.

John I: 1-18

On this point I actually liked the previous English translation of the Creed better, even if it was less accurate to the Latin. “Born … before all ages” certainly could be read in an Arian way, as “There was a time when the Son was not” – even though, since this is the anti-Arian statement of the Faith, we know it was not meant that way. We used to say “Eternally begotten of the Father,” which conveys (to me, at least) more of a sense that the begetting is the eternal relationship between Father and Son, rather than a singular event that occurred in the distant past and was the origin of the Son.

By nature, the Son is eternally begotten by the Father. This is not a willed begetting. It’s what God is. The Son isn’t a creation of God. Father, Son, and Spirit is just what it is to be God.

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