The Fathers of Mercy

Does anyone have experience with this Order? I attended one of their missions a few years ago and these guys do amazing work. And now they have been custody of the newly approved Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in WI, which is great considering they specialize in preaching and confession.

There are two priests from this Order that are frequently asked to give retreats and homilies at EWTN – Fr. William Casey and Fr. Wade Menezes. Father Casey has a Lenten series that is incredible. Fr. Menezes has a featured moment called “Crux of the Matter” and these are extremely useful tidbits of catechism. I think this Order will do an awesome job at the Shrine!

The Fathers of Mercy are a great community of priests!

Here in my Upstate NY area, we’ve had Father Casey come twice to preach at a ‘Family Rosary Crusade’, and Father Menezies is coming to do the same this year. I’ve seen them both on EWTN, and they do a wonderful job! Father Casey is one of those ‘tell it like it is, no holds barred’ priests!

I also have tapes by Father Shannon Michael Collins, another Father of Mercy. I bought them when I went to EWTN in 2005. Another winner! :thumbsup: He’s certainly not afraid to lay it on the line!

WOO HOO! :clapping: :extrahappy:

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