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Is it just me or . . . I was in the local Christian bookstore a couple days ago and was checking out the Bible study tools. i noticed that not a single one of them included the Early Church Fathers as reference. Last year practically every one of them had the Fathers included. Has anyone else noticed this? You think maybe too many people are actually reading Church history now and ceasing to be Protestant?


Let’s just hope that they are selling copies just as fast as they get them in :thumbsup:


The Chruch fathers were Catholic! All roads lead to Rome. Why would Protestant bookstores want to sell stuff that would cause them to loose their customers? To study history is to become Catholic, to deny history is to be reforemd.


Don’t automatically assume the worst of people. I tend to think the reason Protestant bookstores don’t sell the Church Fathers is because they’re all about “sola scriptura.”


Generally Protestantism is about Sola Scriptura and they have a huge abundance of material on this. Since this is the basis of most Protestantism this is the focus.

I have been to many, many Protestant bookstores\ also Pentacostal and non-denoms. If you are lucky the most you will find is a commentary about the early Church writings, or some books on Church history. I once ordered a Saint Augustine book at one, just for fun (I shouldn’t have done it as it was an inflammatory thing to do, but I was still studying Catholicism and a little punchy)

It is probably not any prejudice against the early fathers, it is just that if a bookstore is primarily catered to Protestants, then their focus will be on Protestant literature and of course this generally doesn’t include the Church Fathers. Or even look to a modern day Catholic like K, Keating, you will probably be told to check out the small Catholic section or be directed to the Catholic bookstore.

I haven’t noticed any trends in the way of excluding or including Church fathers in the general stock of bookstores, so maybe someone else could input on that.



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