The Fatima Crusader and The Fatima Center - heterodox or orthodox?

Hi everyone. I regularly get mail from The Fatima Center. In the most recent mailing, they included a monthly publication called The Fatima Crusader. Anyway, I was browsing through this monthly publication which I haven’t really paid attention to in the past and one of the articles has this title, “The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass” with the subtitle, “An Exclusive Fatima Crusader Interview with Father Paul Kramer”. Does anyone know if Father Paul Kramer is an orthodox Catholic or if The Fatima Crusader is an orthodox publication? :shrug::confused: I am having my doubts about this publication and this organization and am wondering if I should remove myself from their mailing list. Here is the website of The Fatima Center.

So anyway, what do you all think? Should I read this publication or trash it? Should I remove myself from their mailing list? :shrug::confused:

Well everyone, I did a little research and I think I have come to my conclusion. I should trash their publications and remove myself from their mailing list. The reason? They are headed by Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a dissident priest. He has been suspended from priestly ministry and does not have the ecclesiastical approval of the Church for his activities. I learned this from the following website:

Just a question for all of you out there. Is Fr. Nicholas Gruner somehow associated with the SSPX or something or is he just simply a dissident priest? :shrug::confused:

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