"The Fatima Crusader" magazine

Can any one provide me with a particular issue of this magazine: Issue 80, Summer 2005. I came across issue 79 and some of the stuff was going to be continued in the next issue, which of course I can’t find. I’m especially interested in the St. Alphonsus Liguori article


They have them online.

Just so you know, the priest who runs this is suspended from his priestly faculties and is not in union with the Church. I would stay far far away from this organization and this publication.


And this…

Catholics who associate themselves with such efforts participate in at least material disobedience to lawful papal authority. This means that externally, in themselves, their acts are disobedient, though internally, through ignorance or lack of intention, they may not be morally culpable (formal disobedience). However, they could, over time, find themselves in formal schism from the Church, that is, knowingly and willfully disobeying papal authority.


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