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Hi, recently I have read some accusations against Father Gruner and his Apostolate the Fatima Crusader. I am subscribed to it and don’t see anything wrong with it. In fact it was through some of his material in which I learned about the Tridentine Mass. I was just wondering the opinions of others on the magazine.

Father Gruner has been suspended by the Church; though he challenges the procedure. For details see EWTN

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My understanding is that he is not incardinated, and in any case does not have the permission of the Bishop of St. Catharines (which is where I believe he is) to operate his apostate, nor does he have faculties in that Diocese.

I don’t know too much about the Fatima Crusader, other than Fr. Gruner is not incardinated in any diocese, and that he is not supposed to be working in any ministerial capacity because of his disobedience to the Magisterium.

Whether he agrees or not, is IMHO, irrelevent.

This is something I have a very hard time understanding. Obedience is part of our faith. As Catholics it is our duty to accept what the magisterium says, whether we like it or not. That is why it is called “obedience”! Why would anyone want to align themselves with, or learn about the faith from someone who obviously does not believe it?:shrug:

i think our Church needs more people like Fr Gruner. I bet the Church would be in a lot better shape if they did .

How would the Church be in better shape with ***more ***people (no matter what end of the spectrum they are on) who are not obedient to, and therefore are straying from, authentic Church teaching?:shrug:

Wasn’t the last time that happened the Reformation?


:thumbsup: Amen to that!

i suggest you all read “The Secret Still Hidden” by Christopher Ferrera. And before you laugh just read about all the inconsistencies and deceptions on the part of some higher ups in the vatican.

i am very thankful that i was born catholic and i want very much to see our Church thrive but i feel it is being hurt and misled by some within the vatican.

How come you believe Christopher Ferrera but not the Pope, JPII & Sister Lucie?

I’ve often wondered about this :ehh:
I have come across so many people on these forums that will take the word of everyone but the Magisterium, all the while claiming to be “Traditional Catholics”,
it just does not seem to make any sense to me! :hypno:

I was going to go with “We do have people like that, they’re called the Church of England”.

I highly suggest reading any one of Pope Benedicts books. Get a good idea of the man who is actually in Peters chair. I believe from here Fatima takes on a different perspective. Well it has for me, let me say that.

Listen, I’m a fanatic on Fatima and Our Lady for that matter. And anyone here will tell you. I will debate all week with you “if” I believe you are in fact wrong about specific aspects of Fatima. The Rosary, 1st Sat of the mth in reparation etc? I’m a firm believer here in these regards. And I believe Sr Lucy as a Seer/Mystic is without a doubt a God send. The Miracle of the Sun…Fanastic! Pray the Rosary, its what “is” needed.

But these issues… Fatima Crusader, Third Secret, Consecration of Russia, situation Fr Gruner finds himself in? None of these points do anything but divide and already divided church?

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