The Feasibility of Protestant Service Everyday


Is it feasible for a Protestant Church to a have service everyday like most Catholic Churches do?

I say no based on the current mindset of many Protestants.

  1. A sermon to prepare for everyday? This would be hard for those non-denominationals where the Pastor’s full time job is not his church but his job that provides his income. Even a Full time Pastor would be hard pressed to prepare a Sermon for everyday.

  2. Organist and/or Pianist would have to attend every Service. You know ya gotta have that happy-clappy atmosphere.

  3. Would the Pastor be wiling to pass the offering plate around at every service.

  4. What is a Protestant Service without a Sermon and Music?


[quote=JoeyWarren]4. What is a Protestant Service without Sermon and Music?






I said yes, but sermon only. However, this would be considered a Bible study rather than an actual service.


LOL. :thumbsup:

On a serious note, no, I do not think it is possible.

There is no substance to a Protestant service. I have been to ones where a great sermon was delivered, but in the end, it was more like going to a class lecture than worshipping Christ.

Sing three or four hymns, listen to a sermon, perhaps do some intercessions, sing another hymn and go home.

Besides, I doubt anyone would show up. Most places don’t even do service on Christmas, who would come on a regular work day?


Cheap stab.


Naw now; come on now …

When I was a Church Shopping Protestant I come to the conclusion that the only church community I would be able to finally stay with would be one that praised God in mild song and meditative prayer and had absolutely no sermons what-so-ever. So my comment is made light heartedly, sort of.

I’d still like to find some sort of protestant mid-week meeting like I described above, I’d attend happily. Nay, I dare say, I’d enjoy it. (OK, I’ve been reading Moby Dick and my Nantucketting is showing) Take no offense me hearties for I meant none to ye.


Most of the responses have been cheap jabs. How many of the posters in this thread attend daily church services when they are available?

To respond to the OP, most Protestants would not want to have daily services. For those who might, such as Anglicans or other liturgical non-Catholics, there is no reason why a service couldn’t be done daily. In the Anglican tradition, it could be the Eucharist, Morning Prayer or Evenprayer.


Yes, I can’t seem to find a way to convey my sarcasm there… shrug sorry :smiley:


Several yrs ago the First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale had something like that on Tuesday nights. But nothing daily.

I agree, I could dig that too. That was one thing that I liked about the non-denom church we went to. I just wish that I had a mute button for the rest of the time. he he.


I am not sure what the point of this poll is, since there are not enough protestants participating to give a meaningful sample of answers. I suspect the underlying motivation of the post may be somewhat lacking in charity.

Most congregations around here advertise various worship services on Sunday, usually children’s, teens or contemporary, and traditional, often Spanish also, plus Sunday School. In addition they advertise worship mid-week, usually Wednesday evening, separate programs during the week for teens, junior high, elementary school and preschool, and various programs, classes, bible studies, lectures, praise and worship music concerts etc. for adults. There are often bible studies or prayer groups for young mothers, seniors, men, young adults, bereavement, single and divorced, and other groups with pastoral needs.

No, it is not Sunday and weekday Eucharistic celebration, but to even ask the question in the way the poll is constructed displays some fundamental lack of understanding about the variety and diversity of worship and pastoral care in various non-Catholic denominations.

In other words, the poll, like most polls here, is useless.


I do. My lunch time is spent at Mass. Spanish Mass on Saturday Night(trying to learn spanish) and then the Real McCoy on Sunday.


[quote=rr1213]Most of the responses have been cheap jabs. How many of the posters in this thread attend daily church services when they are available?

I do. Every day I don’t have to work I attend mass. When I used to work in Rockville MD there is a Church that has noon mass (St. Martins de Tours) during lent and I’d go every day at lunch. It’s FABULOUS!

I think there are a great many Protestants that have a daily devotion of Scripture reading, mediation, and prayer, those most likely acts as a daily church service for them. Yes?


It depends on what you mean by “service.” Many evangelical churches essentially do have a service every day, once you add together the midweek “prayer meeting” (which is often more of a Bible study and may simply be a clone of the Sunday service), and various smaller prayer meetings or Bible studies that take place in the course of the week.

Some very intense evangelical churches do in fact have early morning prayer meetings daily. I understand that this is very common in Korea.

You’re right that a sermon-and-music type of service is not usually practicable on a daily basis. Or at least so modern Protestants seem to think. The sixteenth-century Reformed churches did generally have daily sermons–at least both Strasbourg and Geneva had this regimen for a while.

Finally, are you counting Anglicans as Protestants? Many Anglican churches have daily Eucharist and/or the Daily Office. (Admittedly, this is more common among those Anglicans who don’t think of themselves as Protestants, but it’s not restricted to them, particularly the Daily Office).

In Christ,



I am not sure what the point of this poll is, since there are not enough protestants participating to give a meaningful sample of answers. I suspect the underlying motivation of the post may be somewhat lacking in charity

No. Hoosier daddy stated that he like the idea that Catholics had services everyday and he stated that he wish Protestant service have one everyday. So I started to think about the feasibility of it. And why don’t Protestants have services everyday the way we do.


Your right most have been cheap jabs…
We need some Protestant perspectives…

As a Catholic I go try and go to daily Mass but sometimes I do miss it. It is certainly the best way to start the day.

In Christ


I guess the whole point got lost.

Our daily service follows the Sunday Service except the Second Reading and Homily are missing.

What is the feasibility of a Protestant Church having the a daily service that follows the Sunday Service with one or two items missing?


Protestants see “service” as something that can happen anywhere – especially at home. Protestants can sing, discuss the Bible (a miniature sermon), and even take Communion/Eucharist, all in the home, with family, friends, and guests. And this could easily be done on a daily basis.

Add to that, the fact that many conservative Evangelicals actually go to church 6 or 7 days a week, involving themselves in Bible study and various other ministries.


I like having this available in the Anglican church. It was nice to know that if I couldn’t make it on Sunday, then I know I can go any day there after! That oportunity is not avaiable in a Protestant church unfortunately.


Most daily Masses I’ve attended (and I’ve attended a lot) don’t have music, so your statement is inaccurate. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

As I said, Anglicans do often have daily services, particularly in large churches or cathedrals.


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