The Feast of Christmas

The Feast of Christmas is a feast of joy and peace.It is a day on which we call to mind

thegreat love of God, for all mankind. We recall that God now dwells among us,that he

has entered into our time and our history,and that He is truly our Father and we are his


The peace of Christmas is the peace of GOD,s loving Presence.It isthe peace of his

Son and His Spirit who lives amongs us and guides us. This is the Peace that we are

called upon to share-- the peace that is given to all those who are able to believe

in the mystery of GOD,s abounding love for all humanity.

May the joy fill your Hearts andyour Homes during thisseason,as wellas thoughout


                       GOD BLESS US ALL:)

:slight_smile: Merry Christmas my friend!
I do hope you have a beautiful, wonderful and blessed Christmas! Remember what Christmas truly is about! (Get my hint there? ;))
God Bless!

Let us also remember Christmas is a season, not just one day. It goes from the Vigil of Christmas day until the Baptism of our Lord on January 9th. It also includes the feast of Mary, Mother of God and Epiphany.

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