The Feast of Our Lady of Fátima


I look online and see that Our Lady of Fatima may be celebrated as an Optional Memoria within the Roman Catholic Church

Yet, I look in my 4-volume set of the Divine Office and see that there is nothing written on this day (13 May = a blank space; then there is 14 May => St. Matthias the Apostle)

I wish to celebrate this Marian feast day; am I to do so or not?


Of course you should honor Our Lady of Fatima. We adore God but give honor where honor is due, and Our Lady deserves all the honor God bestowed upon her.


It’s on my Catholic calendar, so I’m celebrating it! Let’s do it! :smiley:


It’s my calendar so I will definitely be praying the liturgy but there is no liturgical readings in the Divine Office for Our Lady of Fatima and I was wondering why?


I’m with you!! It’s on my calendar too. Also in my Magnificat as optional. God Bless, Memaw


Use a Common of the Bessed Virgin Mary. Mine starts on p.1909.

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