The Feast of the Holy Super Bowl


Our Priest says next week is the Feast of the Holy Super Bowl.

So come to Mass!

And don’t let anyone tell you not to. Because as you know, the team with the most people in Church on Super Sunday, wins.


De Maria


I’ve never understood why the Superbowl would keep people from Mass. It doesn’t air on TV until the evening. :confused:


I just can’t stand sports.

To me it is such a distraction and people spend so much money to support these rich players.

I know some people really like it to relax and I can understand this. But I think of families who have “football-widows” and it makes me sad.

I once had a teacher in junior high who used to make us write an essay if his favorite team lost!

Maybe that is why I don’t like sports!


That would do it for me!




Well, there’s the pre-game shows - about two hours worth.

Then there’s the season in review, we have to see how each team got to the Super-Bowl - that’s oh, two hours a piece.

Of course, we forgot to buy beer and goodies, or maybe we bought them too early and they’re already gone. So we need to go to the store. And people are arriving early, or we want to go early. Its a whole day, easy.

Any excuse to miss Mass. I’m glad I’m not there anymore.


De Maria


Our pastor changed the time of the evening mass next week so it wouldn’t coincide with the Super Bowl. It’s a teen mass, so I guess it would effect both the teens and their parents. Still, I have never been in a parish where they changed mass times for a game!

Go team! (Who’s in this thing anyway?)


Hehe … our dearly beloved Cardinal Pell is well known for being an ardent follower of Australian Rules football, so there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy support for your favourite team!


haha, my dad was somewhat of a football widow before my mom passed away. she was very into sports. he was definitely a “baseball widow” this past season.

personally, i’m not into football, but love baseball! no, i don’t agree with the millions that players make, but the money also helps our city, as it brings people downtown to restaurants, etc.

Go Tigers!


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