The feds give a green light to the marijuana business



Thats great news!

Now maybe they will put all the money used on enforcement to better use.

I wonder though if the DEA still holds its opinion they do not think it should be legal? (not that this surprises me, Im sure they want to keep as many things illegal as possible).

I think its long overdue for a major overhaul of the DEA, what a better time than now!


I agree. I think it is hypocritical to allow alcohol, which is a very dangerous, addictive drug (depressant), while outlawing marijuana, a different kind of drug (hallucinogenic) that may be dangerous and addictive, but certainly not as much as alcohol. The money spent on anti-marijuana law enforcement and in keeping people in prison whose only “crime” has been the possession and/or use of marijuana can certainly be better spent elsewhere.

Full disclosure: I do not drink sufficient alcohol to get high, and if Alabama ever legalizes marijuana, I will not be using it. Nor would I ever hire a marijuana user to perform any significant work.


So our banks will now be in the drug business.

And the government will the run the cartels.

Doesn’t sound promising to me but wait there is tax money to be made so let’s sell the products…:rolleyes:


A loss of 8 points of IQ should be enough to keep it illegal. Making it legal because alcohol is just lowers the bar.


I figure it won’t be too long before Philip Morris acquires a big stake in the MJ business.


Who cares about an 8 point loss in IQ? It’s an increase in spiritual wisdom that I seek.


I support the legalization of medical marijuana but I do not support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

That said, I have often wondered whether or not medical marijuana would work for chronic pain involving Fibromyalgia. I wonder about that because I have Fibromyalgia myself. I am almost definitely never going to smoke marijuana or use it in any way though, even if it did become legal here. I’ve never used it in the past and don’t intend to use it in the future.


You would never try it, even if it was proven to help relieve pain?..WHY not? Is it because of the past stigma surrounding it?

what about all the current painkillers? They are mostly all made from opium, (poppy plant), which Heroin is made from too. the stigma around Heroin is much worse than MJ, yet most people still have no problem taking prescription drugs with the same chemicals in it…??


You aren’t honestly trying to maintain that smoking pot will give you “spiritual wisdom,” are you?


I’ve been around pot-heads since the 60’s…Trust me society will not be better, but hey as long as everyone is doing it being constantly stoned in mom and dads basement has to be OK, huh? No matter that you are 40 years old. thumbsup:


While I see no need for federal laws when the sovereign states are quite capable of handling these kinds of laws, my concern is this administration’s willingness to pick and choose which laws it wants to enforce, and which ones it wants to change by fiat.



I foresee Super Bowl games that are a lot more laid back, without so much over the top competitiveness. Hey, light up at half time, man. Fewer concussions.


I smoke medical marijuana and I feel that it sometimes leads to an increased spirituality.


Medical marijuana, huh? Could that increase in “spirituality” be the simple fact that you are stoned? Doesn’t ordinary things such as art , movies or music seem to be so much more when a person is high? Why not the same with “spirituality?”

Do you also not think that this fanaticism that you seem to have with people in extreme poverty could be a result of some effect of using marijuana? Are you aware that marijuana users tend to have far more occurrences of psychosis than non-users? To me, this seems to explain many of your posts here. Is it a credible doctor that refers you to use marijuana?


:rolleyes: Psychosis? With one swipe of the pen, you reduce everything I have to say to stereotypical behavior. Is your assessment accurate? Is it fair and just? Now, all my concern for the poor is artificially produced?

Do you know what ‘empathy’ is? How do you judge my caring behavior to be a product of marijuana and not genuine empathy?

Your post is slanderous!!!


Does caffeine increase one’s spirituality?


Foolishness is what it is, medical is skeptical at best, long term results unknown, spirituality is a joke, more to point its rather hedonist which is the path of America.

Bottom line, its a schedule One Narcotic and higher than cocaine on the dangerous list. A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires prudence, not some vain chase of the wind.

If your bored play jacks or something, buy a book, and spirituality, well I find difficult to imagine you could be seeking God at the same your smoking dope.

The last pot craze in the US looked similar to this one, rebels without a cause. :smiley: Smoke pot, summer of love and weird, free your mind and you soul will follow? Only thing following that is a carnival ride on the merry go round.

I can’t see nothing but a negative. The medical use is so minimal its not worth mention of the amount which should keep to help the afflicted.

50 years from now when once again we realize we created our own problem, like all the rest it will be very difficult to remove. Heck of a thing to leave the future generation to deal with, and even more stunning is how its passed off as some civil right accomplishment which other countries should follow.

Just my 2 cents.


I sincerely believe you would be wise to become more open-minded.


I don’t think you realize I was there and still have the Jimi Hendrix tee shirt and music. Still play a Stratocaster too. :wink: The grand stamp of approval to the marijuana is skeptical at best. Hedonistic as I suggested. Prudence and perspective. :wink:

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