The feeling unwelcome part 2


So, I went to a church today, but after today, I think that it’s time for me to stop going there. I used to do a 30 minute commute, but despite everything I do, I’m mostly ignored over there. And, the music ministry even wanted new songs, and I gave them one “Heartland” by Celtic Thunder. But, I was completely ignored yet again.

Then there was a fun activity for people in their 20s, so I thought that I might take my Japanese friend, who isn’t a christian to begin with to go there with me. The lady who was in charge, didn’t allow him to join, because he was 30 years old.

Moreover, today I was told that I’m not allowed to come early, because it’s only for staff or volunteers. I mean, that could have been a good opportunity to ask me to become a volunteer, but after that I just decided to not go to that church again. That isn’t to say that I’m going to stop going to mass, but that specific church that I was talking about wasn’t very welcoming at all.


I’m sorry you had trouble. I don’t like that they told you not to come early without asking if you have an interest in being involved.

I agree with your decision to perhaps find another church.


Yeah, I’m just going to my local ones, they don’t have a youth group, but at least I can go to mass in peace.


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