The FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation)


*shudder… I know I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as how this country (the US) has been going to Hell in a Handbasket for a while but I was udderly shocked to hear one of the co-founders doing an interview on a local radio station. I have yet to visit because I can just feel Satan’s presence around this organization just from hearing her speak. I am also incredibly saddend by this. We are truly coming to the end of times when Christ will return… but do we have to get so far away from God as a nation to recognize this?

Have you heard of this group?

It seems to me that THIS is what we as christians should be fighting and dilligently witnessing our faith to… But sigh we focus a lot of our energy here (myself included) arguing and trying to make the other side feel as if they are missing something even though they have God so they lack nothing…

God please forgive me! :frowning:


I’ve heard of them before. They publish a newspaper and I’ve read a few copies of it. They’re a pretty typical atheist group and their work seems to revolve around trying to annoy Christians and other theists. One of their leaders, Dan Barker (I think) alleges he is an ex-minister. He’s married to the daughter of the founder of the FFRF. They fancy themselves some kind of First Amendment warriors, when in fact they’re just First Amendment revisionists.


These people fail to grasp the essence of the First Amendment. Sure, it precludes the establishment of religion (sorry for all of you who are proponents of a Catholic monarchy :smiley: ) and, yet, at the same time guarantees the free exercise of religion. At times, these concepts can be in tension with each other. Moreover, the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and a free press. These rights apply just as equally to religious person who wish to share their faith as they do to atheists who wish to convince us that “God is Dead” or the He never lived. Bottom line: it’s a free country and that’s great, Thank God.


Haha, funny you should mention that “God is dead” statement. I just now finished reading an article about how in the 1950s an atheist group broke into Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris just before Easter High Mass, kidnapped a priest, put on his vestments, stood in front of the altar and proclaimed before the few-thousand member congregation “Deo est mort!”. They were silenced by an enraged organist and had to turn themselves into the police to escape the congregation which was determined to lynch them.

Sorry for that off-topic post, back to the topic at hand :wink:


I grew up in farm land and so am no so shocked by “udders”. Nevertheless, I find the recent movements cyclic but also ongoing. After all, we live in a secular environment in which atheism always has had the upper hand. I’m utterly disappointed by that but that is what we have. Let us ever be more ardent in our proclamation of the Gospel and work for the fulfillment of our Lord’s Prayer to Our Father.


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