The Fifth Joyful Mystery


Sorry for the self-promotion, but this is one of my better rosary meditations (at least according to my wife). I started this website just to figure out how to run a blog. It’s been really fun and I hope I can, in some small way, have a positive affect on those who read it:


When I clicked on the link there was no meditation but only some sort of comments page.


Click this one…joyful-mystery
You will see the reflection.

PrayHarder, good job!!

Thanks for sharing and God bless!


Odd. I go to the correct page when I click on the link.


I’m confused. Like another poster when I click the site in the OP’s post I just get a comments page in a blogsite.
When I click on the site link you give I can see above where the different Mysteries are. Unfortunately this is a site which extols the merits of the apparitions at Medjugorie and as these apparitions and messages are fake I will stay away from the site.


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