The Fifty Best Catholic Movies of All Time

The Fifty Best Catholic Movies of All Time

I’m very surprised The Passion of the Christ didn’t make that list.

I agree that that is a great Catholic film, but according to the Editor’s note (quoted below), the list is ten years old, so that film will likely be added later.

“[Editor’s note: This piece – one of the most talked-about in the history of Crisis Magazine – is now ten years old, and there a few new titles that should be added to the list. We encourage you to share your suggestions in the comments section. ]”

Interesting list. I don’t really disagree with any of the films in particular, and I am very glad that the list included A Man Escaped, Diary of a Country Priest, and The Passion of Joan of Arc which are without a doubt not only three of the best movies about religion ever, but three of the best movies ever, period. It is very unfortunate however that Andrei Rublev is not on the list, as I think that movie is not only very Catholic, but possibly the best movie ever made. And also it is sad Ordet is not on the list, because it is quite easily the best movie about Faith I have ever seen, though I can understand it’s absence as it is not really a “Catholic” movie.

It is my belief that in any list of great films you must include Casablanca and at least one film done by Akira Kurosawa. This list does both. I really am going to have to watch A Man For All Seasons.


Why was GroundHog Day one of the films? I watched it and I didn’t see anything catholic about it.

How about The Sound Of Music. Isn’t that a good catholic movie?

I’m glad that you mentioned THE SOUND OF MUSIC. :popcorn::clapping:

the camera comes closer…“THE HILLS ARE ALIVE”…
and at the end of the movie as they walk over the mountain…
(need I say more?)

Where’s “The Nun’s Story”? Audrey Hepburn and Latin chant… how could that not be the best combination in cinema ever?

I think there was a western movie with Clint Eastwood about a nun. I didn’t watch most of it. would you consider that catholic?

the clint eastwood movie was two mules for sister sara.:popcorn::nun2:

Sister Sara in that movie was not a nun but only masquerading as one.

I would have included Graham Greene’s “The End of the Affair.”

I love Greene’s “Catholic Trilogy” of “The Power and the Glory”, “The Heart of the Matter,” and “The End of the Affair.” I will admit, however, that the screenwriter for the movie of the last title took way too much hollywood license with the original story.

“The End of The Affair” was originally made in 1955, directed by Edward Dmytryk from the Graham Greene novel. The 1999 version was a “remake.”

Yes, I am aware that you are correct. The 1955 version had its own flaws. I wish that the 1999 cast had stuck to the original novel, as it more or less did, until Sarah and Bedrix took that sudden swerve to Brighton near the films conclusion.

I own both versions and alternate watching them occasionally. I love that in the book (I remember that this is a thread about movies, so pardon me) Sarah becomes something of a “saint”, an issue which neither 1955 nor 1999 squarely addressed.:shrug:

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