The first Benedictine nun


St Scholastica

Celebrated on February 10th

The first Benedictine nun , all that is known about St Scholastica comes from the Dialogues of Gregory the Great. She was the twin sister of St Benedict and they were devoted to each other. Her convent was Plombariola, about five miles from his monastery at Monte Cassino. They used to meet just once a year. On his last visit in 543, she asked him to stay longer to discuss the joys of heaven. When he refused, because remaining would have meant breaking the Rule of his order, she prayed for rain and a violent thunderstorm prevented him from leaving.

She died three days later. St Benedict saw her in a vision ascending to heaven and buried her in the tomb he had prepared for himself. He arranged for his own body to be placed there when he died, seven years later.

Pope Gregory the Great said: “The bodies of these two, whose minds were always united in Jesus, were not separated in death.”

(from ICN)


St. Scholastica, pray for us!


She always reminds me of a dear old nun I knew when I was young who was named Sister Scholastica. One of my favorite nuns. She had the beginnings of dementia when I knew her but she was just the most cheerful and encouraging old soul with sparkly eyes. I always ask her to pray for me as well since when I knew her in 1980 she was already in the nursing home and I’m sure she’s in Heaven now with my other favorite old nuns.

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