The First Book of Adam and Eve


I just finished reading this one, wow, what a story, all I can say about it. Has anybody else read this, what are your opinions?


Brian…remember that it was the Church that, led by the Holy Spirit, determined what is inspired canon of scripture, as well as what is authentic Christian writing and what is not.

This particular piece is one that the church rejected and therefore that should tell you something and that it is best to read such things with a grain of salt. I have a book of apocryphal writings like that and they are interesting but weird in the extreme.

Some are cool…others are just about useless.


I agree, I did learn something useful about this one, it’s a good read!!!

I know why it was written, I would be floored if it was indeed carbon dated prior to Christ, with the original texts!!! yes, I know, I should not rely upon carbon dating, but, wow, what a story!!!


The Book of Adam, or “Contradiction of Adam and Eve”, is a romance made up of Oriental fables. It was first translated from the Ethiopian version into German by Dillman, “Das christliche Adambuch” (Göttingen, 1853), and into English by Malan, “The Book of Adam and Eve” (London, 1882). The “Pénitence d’Adam”, or “Testament d’Adam”, is composed of some Syrian fragments translated by Renan (Journal asiatique, 1853, II, pp. 427-469). “The Penitence of Adam and Eve” has been published in Latin by W. Meyer in the “Treatises of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences”, XIV, 3 (Munich, 1879). To these are added “The Books of the Daughters of Adam”, mentioned in the catalogue of Pope Saint Gelasius in 495-496, who identifies it with the “Book of Jubilees”, or “Little Genesis”, and also the “Testament of Our First Parents”, cited by Anastasius the Sinaïte, LXXXIX, col. 967.
I listened to the audio version. Entertaining, but not to absorb as doctrine.


Adam and Eve were naturally good, but were casted away because of eternal disobedience to love.

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