The First Catholic Thanksgiving?

I found this article and I was wondering: Was the first Thanksgiving in the New World (USA) was actually a Holy Catholic Mass? Is ThanksGiving Catholic? OR of Catholic origins?

Even more interesting, however, is the fact that the real Thanksgiving was a Catholic Holiday. While history books have long portrayed images of the nation’s first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts with Pilgrims sharing turkey with Native Americans, the truth is that one researcher found that St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, was the actual site of the nation’s first Thanksgiving. (“The Cross in the Sand,” Michael Gannon, December, 1965.)

In reality, the nation’s first Thanksgiving took place in 1565 when the Spanish founder of St. Augustine, Pedro Menindez de Avilis, and 800 Spanish settlers shared in a Catholic Mass of Thanksgiving. As according to Michael Gannon, a historical expert on Florida, following the religious service Menindez had a communal meal shared by the Spaniards and the Seloy natives who occupied the landing site.

Thus, there was a Thanksgiving between the settlers and Natives Americans in the New World. It was just that the first Thanksgiving in the New World was actually a Holy Catholic Mass followed by a wonderful feast of Blessed food.

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Keep in mind that the very Greek word EVCHARISTIA means “thanksgiving.”

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