The first Protestant pope

I reckon that if we Protestants ever get around to electing our own pope the opening lines of his first encyclical will likely be borrowed from Whitman:

***Do we contradict ourselves? Very well, we contradict ourselves. We are large. We contain multitudes.***:dancing:

But what name would the first Protestant pope choose? Help me out, here.


Pope Joel Osteen I

Pope Martin

Pope Swaggert XII

Pope Peter II


Pope Me

(After all, that’s what Protestantism boils down to–every man is his own pope.)

Pope Chocola. Like Count Chocola, except more Protestant.

i could live with pope billy graham

Pope I am the Pope but not the Catholic Pope

Pope Gene Robinson


Pope Katharine Shori

Wow… this thread is pretty offensive and uncharitable.

Non Catholic Christians would not elect a “Pope.” And even if some “way out there” folks tried, I would not follow them or such a man. I would continue to believe the Bible.

Nah. We’ve had worse on here.

Most of us in this thread are joking around. :wink:

I read an article once in Christianity Today that suggested maybe it’s time for a Protestant pope.

are you reading the right thread, what about it is offensive and uncharitable to you

What about Felix Culpa? He may be a good pope,LOL

Arius Pelagius Nestorius I. :wink:

Pope John Ankerberg

A protestant minister cousin of mine “charitably” gave my parents one of Ankenberg’s “encyclicals.” :smiley: My cousin must have thought my parents could use some consolation since I’ve crossed the Tiber.

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