The First Question You Would Ask God



If you died and stood before God, what was the first question that you would ask? Mine would be: " Where have you been? I miss you often :("


Mine wouldn’t be a question. If I were standing before God in Heaven, I would say…



Were we meant to understand Scripture literally, or did He create us through the means science shows?


“Why didn’t You speak to me more clearly, so I could have lived my life not worried so much about whether or not I was doing Your Will?”


We finally meet. :slight_smile:

I hope you can read my heart as I am told you can. Inside it, I think you will be dissapointed, pleased, and have some mixed reviews on some things I have done in life.
I think my heart speaks for itself. I can’t stand here and say I never expected this day. But, as you well know there never was a time I felt I could honestly believe you were ever there to ask you anything before. So here we are. I was wrong.
Can I at least hear some Bach before, well you know.


“Predestination, or free will?” :bowdown:

To be slightly profane, I think he may laugh heartily and say, “you tell Me!”:rolleyes:


hehehehehe :smiley:


Everyone says the same one word to God in heaven: “Wow!

Everyone will immediately know everything which is important to know, so there’ll be no need to ask questions.


I’d ask “did you create aliens too, or is all that stuff made up?”


“So how many times did you want to bop up upside the head for being so stubborn?” :smiley:

(Just kidding… I’m not sure what I’d say. I think I’d just stand there in shock for a while!)




Lord, will You please forgive me for all the times I took Your Love for granted? I should never have done this… because Your Love for me (and all humans) is more precious than gold, silver or gems. It is more precious than anything. And for this reason, I should have lived my life better. Lord, will You please forgive me… a poor sinner?


would I now finally love You with my whole heart… will we be together always?


That would be a wasted question! The Church has already ruled on it. There definitely is Free Will; that’s infallible Sacred Tradition. There also is predestination, but it is not in accord with the Calvinist idea, and the exact nature of it is debated, with more than one belief set acceptable within the Catholic Church.

The nature of that predestination does bother my intellect too, though ;). I’m a bit sick of the issue for now, though, personally. I wasted so much time on it, when all I need to know is that God rules my circumstances and I need to submit to His will in whatever happens to me and follow Him no matter what.


If this is taking place in Heaven, I don’t think I could say or ask anything for a very long time.

If it’s before the Judgment Seat . . . oh boy, my word wouldn’t be directly for God. I’d be asking Mary, the Advocate for Humanity, “Help!”

If it’s Hell, I’d be outside of God’s presence and we wouldn’t be on speaking terms.

If this is taking place in Purgatory, “I deserve this; forgive me.”

I don’t think I’d be asking questions if I’d just died.


Oy! You must be a true philosopher! :whackadoo:


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