The first shall be last and the last shall be first

What exactly does this Bible verse mean? Does it mean we shouldn’t strive to better ourselves or does it mean we should humble ourselves to God’s will and not try to put our will first?

I just came across that verse in my bible reading this morning. Jesus was saying that we shouldn’t make ourselves out to be better than others. In the parable preceding this, he talks about the workers. Some worked all day, others worked less. Those that only worked one hour got the same pay as everyone else. Those that had been working all day felt that they should have been paid more. Jesus points out that they had agreed to be paid that amount in the beginning. It isn’t up to us to decide who gets what. Or the rewards everyone gets in the end.

We need to remain humble and let God do His work. He will decide who gets what. Those that are “last” are just as important as those who are “first.” I can’t remember the exact verse, but there is one tha says that we will one day judge angels. Awesome!!

Monkeys …Sorry!! Homo sapiens:)

The answer is simple; Whosoever that “The Illimitable” one has pronounced the “Name” before creation, after having planted them in Paradise, and in return, “They” themselves having renounced this world …and naming that name, called no longer “christians” but " Christ" themselves were called “Last”. So that “They had seen and felt everything” and now, they neither have room for the control of “Arcons” of this “Illusional Realm” nor are they subjected to devilish desires or systems of “This World”. It takes "Maturity and the “so-called Time” to achieve and complete the process. Yet, these are the “Sons of God”.

Whatever the garbage you call “Bible” and consider it as “The True Scriptures” …Isn’t it even there written;

  1. “Many were called only a few were chosen”

  2. " The Path is very Narrow "

  3. “I have many things to say to you but your hearts can not bear them now”

  4. "As many as the Sprit of God moves, these are the Sons of God "

  5. " When you see what’s “in front” of you …whatever is hidden will be revealed to you"

I can go on for ever …but a waste of my time. The "Sixth Seal " is about to be broken now …and the remnant of seals, Seven Trumpets and the seven bowls will be manifested within a short period of time ( so that it can be fulfilled; “Days will be cut-short for the Elect”). So…if you don’t have the name or the “Living-Scripture” - Which is not in paper. So sorry…bye bye.

Americans, Westerners …:slight_smile: you want Heaven now ?? :slight_smile: You were a ****ing menace on this dark-side for all this time …Now when the “end” comes …you want to flee?? …you will never get anywhere!!!

Have you read the whole bible ? Did you search for the “TRUTH” …or the mere concept of “Righteousness” makes you feel any better?
Did you just read the Bible or Studied the “bible” all your life and lived by it ???

Go back to that “Chinese buffet” …stuff yourselves …then meditate on “Dieting” and then “Divorce” your “family” …and still go ahead with your “bullshit”, fake smiles and shake your phony asses !

I am going to enjoy the next “seven years”

I Am

whatever that was about?

going back to the original question, the meaning of the first shall be last and the last shall be first. One interpretation I have heard in sermons many times is that while the Jews were the chosen people to receive the revelation of God and the Incarnation, they would reject the Messiah, forcing the new Christian movement to separate decisively from Judaism, and become the heirs of the new covenant. Another interpretation is on the purely human level, that people whose sole concern is their own status, caste, class, material success and recognition will find that at the moment of judgement the things they deemed important on earth are meaningless and valueless in heaven. those who while on earth kept their minds and hearts directed to the things of God will have stored up treasures in heaven, and enjoy the fruits of it.

Then why are they “last” …perhaps went to a “re-hab” …and became “bloody” Jehovah’s witnesses over night ?? Answer this “poor-woman’s” question directly mate!! ( For it’s very intelligent & self-seeking ) stop sounding like these “self-serving pigs”. After all, it is I, who was able to warn & predict the tsunami, mag-pole shift, gravitational pole-sift, volcanic eruptions …so on an so forth. What were the religious or scientific or prophecy-students able to do? …and my predictions were never wrong!!

See, the Sovereign Lord never does anything with out informing his Sons!!

How may times we have to come about " dear breatern …here is the good news " ??


What … the Jews have “three-balls” ?? for them to be first? All common muck… except a few at that time( wild-Grapes …still “photo-copies”)! You don’t know the beginning …that’s why you will never see the End either.

Jesus : Congratulations to the ONE standing at the beginning …that One will know the “END” …and never taste “death or Hades”

…and her name was “puzzleannie”. Ya …we left everything to drink from her fountain of “wisdom” . If you have nothing to say …“JUST SHUT UP” . There are already so may "-holes" …out n’ about to lead the blind astray ( according to Einstein and Bernard Shaw …and to the Scriptures & Prophets) Ya …she heard a sermon …while we we were wanking!!!red***bold** :confused:

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