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Atheists believe that the universe began from a big bang. But it is impossible for nothing to create something. Even if it began as a seed then that would mean the ‘seed’ always existed. But what would make the ‘seed’ bloom into a universe? That would suggest that energy ignited itself into an explosive force. But why was this ‘energy’ in containment? What ever the seed was it could not have just had a will of it’s own and say one day I will create a universe.
If the universe always existed then it would have already completed itself. The contrary to this is true–that the universe is still expanding (and there is scientific evidence that suggests so). The universe will always expand because outside of the universe is a paradox. Nothing exists outside of the universe. But as is evident in a physical reality, nothing cannot exist because the fact that something exists suggests that. The logic is reasonable. Something exists or nothing exists. Nothing cannot exist; therefore as the physical reality of the universe ‘touches’ nothing or what we would call a vaccuum, nothing becomes something because as it touches this vaccuum, physical reality is giving it defintion; therefore explaining the expansion of the universe. Therefore the universe becomes infinite because the expansion becomes infinite. That ‘nothing’ or vaccuum that exists at the boundaries of the universe is what it is–nothing. Its a paradox, but in reality all paradoxes are solved–a physical reality defines the vaccuum unceasingly; as the paradox continues in the infinite expanse. And the vaccuum is infinite because nothing has no form and therefore no containment. Therefore the universe can never be contained, which explains the expansion.
Some people will suggest that time began at a certain point, to explain the expansion. Time has always existed because the passage of time is measured by the movement of bodies. There really is no such thing as a year, a month, a day, a minute or a second. Time is all relative to the bodies we care to observe. The only standard time we can ever assume would have to be measured at the boundaries of the universe; as the paradox becomes infinite in the expanse; so to does steadiness of the expansion. To measure how fast the expansion unfolds would give us a standard measurement of how long the universe actually existed.
So the basic principle is this–when a physical reality ‘touches’ a vaccuum–that vaccuum becomes a physical reality. Even the evidence that the universe is expanding suggests that it began at a point. This point we would call the ‘seed’. But as it is obvious, nothing cannot create something; but you say wait isn’t something being created out of nothing at the expansion. Not necessarily, something is the creating force that works upon the vaccuum.
If the universe always existed then the ‘seed’ always existed. But the ‘seed’ could not have always existed because it would still be a ‘seed’. The only way that this seed can be explained is by the farmer who planted the seed and that farmer would be God.
3: Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow:

The thought that God is a farmer suggests that it is probable that this is not the only universe that was sowed. If God is infinite then the possession becomes infinite. We do not give God his due. Jesus says that he is an All-powerful God. If he is all powerful then he is infinitesmal in all power, suggesting that there are not perhaps two or three universes but an infinite variety of universes. If God is infinite then the possession becomes infinite because we assume that God is a creator. But never do we assume that God is still creating. A Great creator being do we have on are hands. Infinity cannot be measured, therefore at any one time all of creation is finite. But the unceasing expansion of creation makes the creation infinite.


I have never understood the compulsion some people have to understand the Creation in detail. The cultists seem to come from this direction a lot. They have very elaborate contructs of creation, pre-creation, heaven, hell, etc. One of their favorite questions is, wouldn’t you like to KNOW you are going to heaven?

Call me simple. Not that I am incurious. But, I just don’t feel the need to comprehend the details of the incomprensible. It is enough for me to know that we are all here, and we are all in progress to some end. I am comfortable knowing that God is in charge, he will work out the details, so I can relax and not worry about these things. Life is good!


yea, I agree simplicity is best. To not consider the possibilities but to just assume the simple life which is the good life. However, as a philosopher I am inclined to think about the possibilities.


a 16 year old philosopher? hmm…


Pardon my simplicity, but I heard Mark Lowry put it this way once, and it opened my hubby’s eyes…

Take your watch and smash it into a million pieces, put it in a zip lock bag, and shake it for a few million years. What are the chances that when you are through, a perfectly operating watch will emerge?


I’m not suggesting anyone “not consider the possibilities.” Just make sure you aren’t “thinking” yourself into oblivion. No matter how smart you are, or think you are, God is a lot smarter. You will never comprehend him, any more than an ant can comprehend you. Enjoy your ruminations, but don’t fail to get with the Salvation program. Eternity is a long, long time.


This is strange… “Godhead” doesn’t sound nearly as pretentious in this thread as he did in some of his more recent ones… :confused:


That is why many Catholics, myself included, believe that God created the universe out of nothing by causing the Big Bang, and that He directs the continuing formation of that universe by the laws He established.

Why do religious or pseudo-religious people insist that God is incapable of using the mechanics of physics that He Himself invented to create the universe?

Makes no sense to me.



If you were a teacher, you would know that almost all 16 year olds consider themselves to be wise as a philospher and knowledgeable as Einstein. :slight_smile:

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