The Flood


A world wide flood of devestation? Guys, I’m not buying it. The clarity of truth should be as evident as day. Are you telling me Noah went to Australia and collected all the marsupials? I’m not buying it guys.

Listen, if the polar ice caps melted then that would still not be enough water to cover the entire world.

I’m not buying it guys. I’m just not. You could try to sell me a bridge in Brooklyn too but I’m not buying it.

Then you are going to say that the flood is symbolic. Symbolic to what, guys? Listen, if the flood never happened, which it didn’t, then the story that follows the flood, never happened. Why? Because the story is a direct cause of the flood. This is what we call a fable guys. And you fell for it.

Then you’re going to say, no, it was a known world flood.

But wasn’t it the people on the arc that re-populated the known world? How could a handful of people re-populate the world? And you know about incest; and what happens–deformities? Listen, I’m just not buying it. How could Noah collect two of all species, when you know very well that new species are being found all the time. Are you telling me that Noah found every species in the known world?

I’m not buying it guys. I’m just not.


So you’re not buying it then?


What gave you that idea?:thumbsup:


I’m just not, guys. I’m just not.


Call it a gut-feeling :stuck_out_tongue:


So, If I understand you correctly, you’re trying to say that you’re not buying it?


But you are taking it literally?


Imagine Noah being stuck in an ark with an 8 year son who complained all the time. Not sure why that thought ocurred to me…


Well. If I am taking it literally; and if it is the word of God, I expect truth in it. Otherwise, I’m just going to call God for what he is. A liar. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in God.

I’m not buying it God. You can’t sell it to me.


Yea, I’m the 8 year old who can see through the truth. But isn’t that what God wants, Children–to enter the kingdom?


So you’re chucking the whole Bible, both as a to-some-extent-factual record and in terms of the moral truth it teaches, because you think it should have been written differently in terms of its literary style and techniques?

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why should God care in the slightest what you think of his authorial style?


St. Basil the Great in his Hexatemeron says “Therefore, let it be understood as it has been written.”

taken from Seraphim Rose’s “Genesis, Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision”

Why can’t it just* be*

Fr Seraphim Rose said this about Genesis “Some Protestant fundamentalists tell us it is all (or virtually all) 'literal.” But such a view places us in some impossible difficulties: quite apart form our literal or non-literal interpretation of various passages, the very nature of the reality which is described in the first chapters of genesis the very creation of all things) makes it quite impossible for everything to be understood ‘literally’; we don’t even have words, for example, to describe ‘literally’ how something can come from nothing. How does God “speak”? - does He make a noise which resounds in an atmosphere that doesn’t yet exist?”

Fr Seraphim Rose, (2000) “Genesis Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision”, (Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood; Platina, CA), p69



You don’t need to buy it, it is free :wink:


There is nothing in the flood narrative (at least in the original Hebrew) that would suggest either a global flood, or the total destruction of mankind. You are making many assumptions with what appears to be almost no prior research on the subject.

Perhaps instead of making broad uniformed statements you could be more open to hearing others opinions, maybe then you might hear an explanation that you can “buy”. :thumbsup:


No. I’m not throwing the bible out as a source of truth and moral code. I’m just saying the bible is truth mixed with allegories–that people take to the literal sense; failing to acknowledge the allegorical sense, which is the use of symbolic fictional characters and actions of truth about human existence. Those who believe that this story of the garden of eden is a literal account or that the flood was indeed worldwide, berate truth so much that the truth becomes something to fear and overly-supersticious that in the end, truth was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. Along with your devils and your demons and death…


Listen, Noah did not really collect two of every species. It’s impossible. I just use broad generalizations to cover every possible avenue that a simple mind would follow. I know that there is no assumption that the flood was world wide. I do however, have experience in writing philosophical argument that I know beforehand to cover every possible virtual reality that a debate would throw at me.
If you want to kill something then you kill it with the freaking sword of logical argument. I know I can’t kill it. I know that the bible has berated truth in the simple mind.


Once again, you’ve displayed your lack of knowledge. You state that the Bible is truth mixed with allegory. What you probably mean to say is that the Bible is a mix of true events and allegories. Allegories can, and usually do, contain truth in them. There’d be no point to an allegory if it did not deliver some kind of message or moral.


What I’d also like pointing out is that Australia was once 75% underwater. Sea levels were alot higher in ancient days.

I’d like to say also that there is a huge amount of water in the air at any given time, but most importantly there is a significant amount of water in every creature on the Planet earth, There are a lot more animals on the planet in our day than there was in Noah’s time, in fact in Noah’s time of humans alone there was less than 150 million human beings on the planet… there is now 6.2 billion, 80% of which is consumed water.

Noah’s ark may just have been quite possibly a global flood, It may not have been a global flood but rather a gigantic local flood of somekind(the kind which would see a boat beached on top of Mt Ararat, Heck the ancient explorers/historians like Josephus and Marco Polo both claimed to have seen it still there), but ruling it out as impossible is not correct.


Good move. But who are you arguing against specifically? Only those who hold this ultra conservative literalist view, or a particular church/denomination? Because the theology of the Catholic Church can accommodate your beliefs perfectly


My apologies to you Godhead, I responded to another thread of yours thinking you an Atheist, :rolleyes: wonder why!

Note To Self: Never stand to close to someone who calls God a liar…Lightning strikes hard and fast from heaven.!!

OK, back to topic.

I believe your main issue is with interpretation of the scriptures. That my friend is where self interpretation can get you(any of us) into trouble. A 100 different people can read the same passage and get 100 different meanings, all of which may be wrong or at best, half truths.

God created the heavens and earth in 6 days and rested on the Th. Who is to say how LONG a day is for God?:rolleyes: Point is, we don’t. That is why God left us a Church to help us on our journey home to heaven.

Try reading scripture with the leadership and help of Holy Mother Church, it might just start making more sense to you.

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