The Flowers of War (Movie)

The Flowers of War is a dramatization, although probably also a sensationalistic representation of the infamous tragedy of the Japanese imperial army’s Rape of Nanking (Nanjing). It stars Christian Bale as a priest who saves (or attempts to save) some young Chinese girls from rampaging Japanese soldiers. The trailer shows him also having a sex scene with one of the women and there seems to be a lot of action for the film of this caliber. Anyway the trailer is here:

Christian Bale’s character is actually a mortician and not a priest. He is pretending to be one for particular reasons. As an aside much older movie where a character who is not a priest but merely pretending to be one is a major character is the ‘Left Hand of God’ which start Bogart.

Ok, thanks for the correction.

Then my only objection is really turning a historical drama film (take good examples of The Pianist, Korczak, or Schindler’s List) into an action movie. Oh well, I think the Chinese are learning from Hollywood.

Christian Bale as Batman would have been good, we could finally settle whether Bruce Wayne is Anglican or Catholic! :smiley:

Christian Bale lost some of my sympathy when he was caught on video/audio cursing out a grip. He totally lost it and wanted the guy fired for walking in on him while shooting a scene. Now I can understand frustration and anger, but if that’s his usual behaviour, I won’t really feel compelled to pay for his second of third yacht. This movie also seems disappointing because of all the action. At least he’s not a priest having sex with one of the girls he hides.

Forget that movie [well not really].

The best film to watch regarding the Nanking event is “Nanking 1937”. You must watch it!!

Search up: “南京1937” on Youtube and you could see the whole movie (English subtitles included) in about 20 parts.

I do not recall seeing much blood in that film, though some parts will make a very deep impression.

Its a must see!!

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