The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

My parish gave every registered parishoner a copy of book after Mass today:

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Mathew Kelly .

I am only in first chapter but so far it’s been great. Our priest said it would bring out the best in us if we read it regarding our individual vocations.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions of Catholic Church is that most people think vocations applies to only those who become priests or join religious orders. Everybody has a vocation, a role to play…you only need look at the animal kingdom to see how God is a fan of variety.

Any thoughts or comments let me know.


Mathew Kelly is a great speaker and writer.
Hope the book helps you out. :thumbsup:

This book was a huge influence on my becoming Catholic. Now I always have several copies on hand to give friends whom are “thinking about converting” or fallen away, but ask g questions.

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