The fourth degree of humility


I read an interesting reflection on St Benedict’s “fourth degree of humilty” from The Rule:

The really hard thing here is that sometimes, even when we are right, we have to put up and shut up, so to speak. The Rule speaks of bearing injustice and false brethren. There are no qualifiers here that say: “You may think it is unjust, but the truth is otherwise.”

We can be tricked into spinning our wheels and expending all our emotional and spiritual energy on dead ends that look noble, or on things that truly are noble, but should not absorb all of our efforts or attention. We can distort our necessary caring and charity into anger and rage at injustice that does nothing other than perpetrate anger and rage in more religious attire. Big mistake there!

Recall the last time you saw a mini-flame war, perhaps only a “skirmish”, erupt in any setting . Probably, quite early on it stooped to hurling charges at people, not ideas. Whoops! Wrong way, folks. The holiest monks I know would not have even entered into that discussion. They would have smiled and maybe shrugged and gone to their room to read or pray.

My last “skirmish” was only minutes ago on another post, so I think I know what I’m going to give up for Lent :thumbsup: . Thanks to everyone at CA and my fellow members for the great posts. I’ve learned a lot in the brief time I’ve been on the Forum. Remember to pray, reflect, and do some good works this Lent.

God Bless,



Robert…I am right behind you…the Lord is leading me to greater humility in the circumstances in my life and this was needed for me to read…God bless!



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