The Franciscan Crown

I have often read that we are encouraged to pray the rosary daily. But MUST it be the Dominican Rosary? I sort of like the Franciscan simplicity of the Franciscan Crown aka Seraphic Rosary. And it certainly has a long tradition behind it.

I know the Mary is quoted as saying “Pray The Rosary daily”, but would she be happy with a daily Crown from me in place of the Dominican?:frowning:

Andruschak, I think Our Lady is happy with you (period).

When I was in RCIA, I thought something similar regarding praying the seven sorrows. I thought they seemed to dovetail rather nicely. I’m still in much ignorance, and I am quite impressed with reading about the Franciscan Crown (also called the Seraphic Rosary).

For those who don’t know it, see

I’ve been praying the Dominican Rosary each day for a little over a year (although as much as anyone I know I have problems with distractions). And I plan to continue.

Andruschak, I know you are enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity (and there our obligation is to pray the more familiar Rosary – 15 decades – at least once a week).

There is nothing wrong with praying extra prayers.

If I remember, the next time I go to the Franciscan Monastary I should find out if they have a seven-decade rosary and step-by-step instructions on this Franciscan Crown.

And I hope a Franciscan may reply to this thread.

OF course. I pray the Franciscan Crown more often then I do the regular Rosary.

You do not have to have a 7 decade Rosary to pray the Franciscan Crown. You can say it on a regular Rosary just say two extra decades, and the extra prayers.

1.The Annunciation
2. The Visitation
3. The Nativity
4. The Presentation
5. The Finding of Jesus
6. The Resurrection
7. The Assumption and Coronation

Add 2 Hail Mary’s in honor of Mary’s 72 years on earth.
1 Our Father and Hail Mary for the Popes intentions.

Just looking at the first five mysteries, the way the Franciscan Crown is said is slightly different than the Joyful Mysteries (or am I missing something?). Slightly different because you start with one of the Hail Marys then at the word Jesus say the mystery. I think I would miss the other mysteries – for me they help fill more parts of the Gospel story. #6 and #7 above are included in the Glorious Mysteries (which are my favorite). Hate to say my favorite, because Joyful Luminous and Sorrowful are also my favorites in their own way. Each of the Rosary Mysteries is only good news for us in some special way.

I personally don’t get much opportunity to say the Rosary with others. If the others happened to be Franciscans praying the Franciscan Crown I certainly wouldn’t mind joining in and I get the impression that it probably wouldn’t seem very foreign at all.

My local parrish has a 3rd Order Franciscan meetings (I think they meet at least four times a year – in fairly long meetings). Is it a requirement to be in “full communion” with the Church?

  1. Just to attend the meetings, or
  2. To become a 3rd order?

Today is a “Rosary Mystery Day” – Transfiguration Sunday. Since I enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity, sometimes Our Lady has a present for me on “Rosary Mystery Days”. And maybe sometimes I don’t notice her present. Perhaps something very good will come out of this thread (for both Andruschak and me since we are both enrolled). In any case, I cannot complain. I started today listening to my favorite John Paul II CD (praying the Glorious Mysteries in Latin). And perhaps it is time that I began planning to give a special present to Our Lady each “Rosary Mystery Day” instead of just expecting to receive (when I do remember the day).


With due respect to my brother in St Francis, the fourth decade of the Crown is dedicated to the Joy of the Adoration of the Magi.

(I have heard of combining the Domincan Joyful and Glorious Mysteries as you have above by explicitly including this meditation in the third decade, The Nativity, including the Adoration of the Magi)


That is correct, that is “The Presentation” that is refered to.

Thanks for the clarification. (Typically in my experience, “Presentation” refers to the Presentation in the Temple)


Pray, pray, PRAY!:thumbsup: I think it matters not what or how, just that we all do it with reverence, vigor and regularity.:gopray2:

God bless you,


Oh, Sorry, I didn’t think of that possibility. That’s right that is in the Joyful Mysteries, I think?

Wow, I’m glad you brought this up. I thought I was the only one who prayed this. My wife bought me a Franciscan crown rosary for Christmas.

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