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Because it is so hard to find Catholic friends in real life these days and there are not really any websites devoted to meeting Catholics with similar interests to hang out with, I decided to make a friend-making thread on here. Hopefully, we could get a sub-forum for this.

Post a little bit about yourself, your interests, what you like to do and talk about, maybe occupation and where you come from, etc. Hopefully, someone else with your interests will respond.

As an example, let me start:

I am a 23 year-old woman, cradle Catholic, and a student pharmacist. I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. When I have a tiny bit of free time or when I am working out, I like to watch YouTube theory and lore videos of various franchises and commentary. I love thinking about world-building and the way I discover and get into new franchises is via their wikis and reading the lore. When I get time off, I like long walks, bike rides, reading (mostly non-fiction), and thinking about stuff.

Alright. Let’s hope this thing works.


I am male, a few years younger than both of you.

I am in my second to last year at secondary school and I intend to study law at University.

I love our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

I like to read the scriptures, pray the Liturgy of the Hours, learn more about Church tradition, and I like to watch YouTube videos where priests, bishops and cardinals talk about certain issues pertaining to the faith.

I like British detective programmes, amongst other things.

I am quite into cars and hope to take my first driver’s test in April.

People I admire most: Our Holy Father, my archbishop, Cardinals Burke, Woelki and Nichols, among many others.


Well, I hope more older people respond.

I’m 38 going on 39 single and celibate giving up all adult videos and movies at the age of 27. For the rest of my life I plan on being celibate and it’s quite easy. The natural course of my Faith would be to be a Benedictine Monk, but I may not be able to because I have a disability that started in my early twenties. But don’t let that bring you down the disability brought me closer to God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary. So, I’m very happy with the course of my life.

I went to an Ivy school as well as the London School of Economics for a year. Majored in Econ Stats. I worked in finance in Manhattan and can tell you there is a lot of evil and hedonism there(they aren’t conservative or liberal or religious, it’s all about self interest and short term gain).

I went to Law School, but again my disability got in the way. Once again while being devout as a kid through 21 there is a grey period for me until 27 when I decided to straighten everything out pray the Rosary, live celibately, no longer drink, get away from all my friends as bad influences, and live with utmost Faith.

Now my hobbies include writing on my tumblr feed short stories, poems and essays, learning piano in particular Jazz (totally different path than classical), reading Catholic themed books, playing a game called Magic the Gathering Arena online, another called Elder Scrolls Online, and I casually exercise three to four times a week. (I’m not concerned with how I look I just like the community environment of the gym and having stronger muscles helps me with my anxiety.)

Now, I watch CatholicTv Mass daily, pray the Rosary a few times per week, pray the evening and night prayer of Divine Office although I plan on adding the morning prayer, and attend Mass regularly.

I hope older people reply, but for the younger people be mindful of those twenties when you first get your freedom and are exposed to outside sources. Continue to pray, exclude bad influences, don’t get involved in hedonism, don’t risk your salvation for success. The best I can guide is to not drink, save money, aspire for middle class and not wealthy.


What a good idea!

I’m 26 (almost 27) and I’m a new user here on the forum :blush: I am a cradle Catholic and currently back in school determining what I want to do in life. I got my bachelor’s in business administration but didn’t focus on anything so I’m taking a bunch of classes to see what I like.

I love to clean and organize stuff. I also love surfing the web, watching Boston sports (hence my username), listening to music, photography, trying new recipes, trying new foods, and fashion/shopping.

I joined this forum to post a question that has been bugging me for a while but now I’m glad I can meet and learn more about other Catholics. Looking forward to meeting you all :hugs:


@bostonsportsforever are you from Boston? Also, what kind of music you have been listening to lately?

Also, everyone, I forgot to mention I am from the Chicago Metropolitan area. Is anyone from a heavily Catholic ethnic background? My folks are from Poland.


@redbetta I’m not from Boston. I’m from California. I want to move to Boston so badly so I can be with other people who love Boston sports as much as I do and I love the east coast in general. For music, I’ve been listening to a lot of old songs like I love Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates and the like. What kind of music do you like? What kind of non-fiction books do you like?

I guess you can say so? I know Filipinos are known for being Catholic. I’m part Filipino but parents were born and raised in the Philippines. I’m also Chinese and Mexican.

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Honestly, I just read whatever looks interesting or stuff that is given out for free at the library. Although, I’m a slow reader, so I only finish a few books a year. The one I am reading now is Forensics: A Guide for Writers by D.P. Lyle. The author is an MD who has advised writers of various crime shows. Not only is it a good book for folks who want to write crime and mystery novels, it is also pretty easy to read and a good introduction to forensics for people who might not have much of a scientific background.

I am not a fan of any particular artist or musician. My tastes are all over the place. I just won’t listen to country.

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I’m a 17 year old male, die-hard saint Louis blues fan, new to discovering my faith. I play piano and ride motorcycles, I plan on being a commercial pilot when I graduate high school. Living the dream


I’m a New Zealander, but my background is mostly English.

Three of my grandparents were born in England and the other was born in NZ but his ancestors also came from England.

One of my English grandparents had Irish blood, which is how the faith has been passed down in my family.


17-year-old guy, here. I’m a cradle Catholic. When not busy with school or work, I spend time with my family, listen to/make music, play any kind of game other than sports, or read. I also love to study the Catholic faith. Based on the OP’s profile pic, I can tell we have similar interests (Pokémon for the win!). I collect various things with my siblings such as Lego or cards from the Pokémon TCG. Looking forward to see this thread grow! It really is a great idea.


What’s your favorite Pokémon generation?

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The thing is it’s incredibly difficult for me to choose on that one.
I really like the newer generations from Gen 4 to Gen 8, because even the regions not introduced within that time had pretty good remakes. Also,
Gen 4 had a pretty cool region, which I’m looking forward to remakes for.
The Gen 5 games had an awesome storyline, with a fully-fledged sequel to boot.
Gen 6 introduced my all-time favourite Pokémon, Greninja, and also introduced Mega Evolution, as well as some awesome Hoenn remakes.
Gen 7 was slightly less brilliant than the other generations I’ve mentioned, but Ultra Sun/Moon has a good post-game story.
Gen 8, despite the fact that people don’t like it for a lack of National Dex, surpassed my expectations. Like the Gen 5 games, I liked the plot.
There are a lot of aspects to these generations, including plot, characters, features, soundtrack, and of course, Pokémon.
The other generations, despite not being my favourites introduced plenty of awesome content, but in my experience, I think I prefer the remakes to the originals.
Which generation is your favourite? (My guess would be Gen 2, but that’s likely just because of the Umbreon)

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I haven’t played most of the games, but, generation 4 is what I started with and it’s the one closest to my heart. I mostly really liked exploring the region and finding all these books and crannies.

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Yeah, the Sinnoh region is fairly large, and does not disappoint in content. Again, I can’t wait for the remakes, since it will give the region a new perspective to look at it from, and it will be a rediscovery of the wonder associated with the originals.

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30-year old male. Single. Work in a bakery (not a baker but do enjoy cooking at home) Interested in history. From Manchester, UK. Cradle Catholic of Irish descent.


Well I tried to post this last night but my internet died :roll_eyes:

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I’m dragging in @JosueVanDyke because I’m mean like that.

As for myself, I’m a junior college student, cradle Catholic, maid-of-all-work and master of none. I love writing and glass and birds and books and music (ALL THE MUSIC) and hot air balloons and mountains and traveling and geez louise it goes on forever.


h…hi everyone… I’m spider… I mean, Josh. I’ll post things about me in a while. I’m currently in a life or death struggle with statistics and my programming project. I… think it works… it’s not breaking so that’s good. Story of my life (oh man it’s gonna be a long night…). Also, stats it the worst. That is all.


So, I played some of Pokemon X and completed Pokemon Moon. Honestly, I don’t like the transition to 3D. For whatever reason, world feels so much smaller when in 3D. Maybe they simply don’t have enough room on the game cards due to the graphics. Perhaps it is better on the Switch.

Still, sprite art has a certain charm.

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I’m an American living in China. I am from Boise Idaho and as a kid I often attended St. Mark’s Church. I was baptized into the Church as a baby but for whatever reason possibly sloth my parents didn’t do much else to set me on the path to confirmation. During my time here in China I often found myself feeling lonely and afraid. Being so far away from family in both space and time. I sought refuge in God and found both comfort and strength. Ever since I began my journey to know and love God I can say that I was oppressed by a Demon three times when I was utterly alone. The word of God and a prayer to St.Raphael easily removed the oppression and gave me Peace. I am currently under quarantine for the corona virus. As of now it is Day 4 of 14. Thank you and I hope to grow and learn and develop a fellowship with all my fellow Catholics and to help me complete my path to confirmation. God Bless!


So, what brought you to China? Work? School?

People are acting like it’s the apocalypse here in the States. I can only imagine what it must be like at the heart of the pandemic. Stay well.

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