The friend-making friend

I doubt that. New York alone has many. Times 50 states? :wink: Nope.

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My bad. I am quite ignorant of American history although proportionately Britain may have a greater diversity of accents. However, yes - the US is obviously much larger and therefore many more accents.

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I had a French professor from Glasgow, Scotland (she does speak fluent French, though), and I have friends from Edinburgh, and they sound really different. One of my great aunts died recently, and she spent most of her life in Mexico (Mexico city), but she sounded so different than anyone else I knew from Mexico. Accents are fascinating to me. When I was talking to my crush, I talk about her here sometimes, she told me she was originally from Pennsylvania, and I told her “I can tell by your accent”.

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Pipe dream, and I mean pipe dream, is working for NHK news in Japan. That’s not likely going to happen for at least a decade (and that’s an optimistic estimate) but it’s something I’m working towards.

In the meantime I’ve taken a glance at a variety of journalism and editing/publishing jobs around Tokyo/Kyoto to see what qualifications they’re looking for, but for now I’m focusing on studying rather than looking for jobs haha. When my time at Uni ends I’m hoping to have some kind of offer lined up, and if all else fails I’ll try to get into the country through the JET program.
Ideally I’d like to travel to Tokyo as I have a friend who has offered me a place to stay should I be in the city, but who knows? I still have time to figure things out.

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Japanese is hard. My grandpa spoke Japanese and used to yell at me in Japanese, not seriously, joking around, I really wish I would have been paying attention. He spoke Korean, too.


No kidding. I’m studying 4 hours a day, 5 days a week and it still feels like I have so much to learn.
I’ve noticed some improvement over time, but the language is a steep hill to climb. x-x


I recommend choosing an easier one, like Arabic. Seriously, ask @Salibi
(Just kidding about it being easier)

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Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old male, one semester left in college (graduating one semester early) with a bachelors in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Classics.

As for fun facts, I am a bowling coach and back in High School I was captain of my varsity bowling team and one of the best bowlers in the section. Had the highest winning average of anyone. My bowling average is about 210 and I have six bowling balls I bring with me to all my matches.

I have a YouTube channel with close to 2,000 subscribers and I make money from it. It’s just a side hustle but it’s fun haha.

Love watching tv shows like Shark Tank, SVU, and just finishing Dexter. Debating about going straight for a doctorate in Political Science or not. Currently I work as a Data Analyst for the best political polling institute in my state.

As for other hobbies, I am co-president of the pro-life and social justice club at my college (other co-president is my girlfriend and she is president of campus ministry), I run a weekly game night with anywhere from 8-12 friends, and I am on my diocese’ Commission on Peace and Justice.

I am currently reading through the entire New Testament as some of you may be aware of from recent threads I’ve started. Currently I’ve read about half of the New Testament books. Non religious books, I like Stephen King, JK Rolling, Rick Riordian, and have the new Hunger Games book coming to my house this Tuesday (as it’s released this Tuesday and I preordered it 6 months ago).

Oh and I like Dolphins haha!:dolphin:


Any questions at all just ask away!


I would never seriously recommend anyone learn Arabic. Why would I ever wish such a hell on a person?

Besides, it’s practically useless. Arabic-speaking Middle Easterners are diglossic- we speak one form of Arabic, but write in another. For instance, in Lebanon, we speak Lebanese Arabic, but read and write in Classic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). They are not mutually intelligible, and no help with each other at all. Learning MSA or CA won’t make you understand Lebanese and vice versa. So essentially a foreigner has to study two languages, or there will always be something he or she won’t understand.

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I figured this would be a good place to put my first post. I’m Funvod, hello, and I’ve been lurking on this forum for about a month now, and I finally got the courage to make an intro. The community seemed really nice for the most part, outside of World News anyway, so I guess I’m making an account now.
I graduated highschool this semester, and I spend most of my time either reading or drawing (I hope to be a concept artist). I also play a lot of video games, but I’m not very good because I don’t spend too much time on any one game.

0.0 I speak Korean! 안녕하세요! I hope to learn Japanese and Chinese later too.


I speak English, a little bit of German, some Portuguese, some Italian, and I learned French for college. I am only fluent in English.

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I wouldn’t say I’m fluent in Korean, but I can use it pretty easily. That’s really cool though, I’m impressed you know bits of so many languages. :o

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Welcome Funvod!

Hey Adam, how did the job interview go?

No job :frowning_face:

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Sorry to hear that. I’ll pray that you will find the right job.


Thank you!

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This is awesome! I have no Catholic friends (around my age) so I need this.

My name is Megan and I’m a cradle Catholic. I’m 19. I am a singer/songwriter. I love to paint and do many creative things.

My favorite game is Animal Crossing (Nintendo Switch).

I have a lot of pets: 2 dogs, a bunny, 2 leopard geckos, and a bearded dragon.

I am a psychology major in College right now and plan to become a therapist!

I am open to becoming friends with anyone! I love meeting new people :slight_smile:


:o That’s cool. Do you have an Instagram or something where you share your paintings? I love looking at other people’s art.

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I actually don’t but I should :frowning: my Instagram is @me.ggy if you message me I can send you some photos of my art if you’d like!

Hi Megan!

I was wondering, do you have to put your real name on your Instagram account? I was thinking of getting back into crafting this summer and want some social media to display my amateur art, but I want to remain completely anonymous for professional reasons.

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