The friend-making friend

This is awesome! I have no Catholic friends (around my age) so I need this.

My name is Megan and I’m a cradle Catholic. I’m 19. I am a singer/songwriter. I love to paint and do many creative things.

My favorite game is Animal Crossing (Nintendo Switch).

I have a lot of pets: 2 dogs, a bunny, 2 leopard geckos, and a bearded dragon.

I am a psychology major in College right now and plan to become a therapist!

I am open to becoming friends with anyone! I love meeting new people :slight_smile:


:o That’s cool. Do you have an Instagram or something where you share your paintings? I love looking at other people’s art.

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I actually don’t but I should :frowning: my Instagram is @me.ggy if you message me I can send you some photos of my art if you’d like!

Hi Megan!

I was wondering, do you have to put your real name on your Instagram account? I was thinking of getting back into crafting this summer and want some social media to display my amateur art, but I want to remain completely anonymous for professional reasons.


Oh cool! I’ll do that then.
Mine is @midnightinacity. I haven’t posted much of my art there though, I’m a bit self-conscious about it. I’ll message you though. :+1:

Nope! You can remain anonymous, that’s what I do.
Ahhh I should post more. Maybe when I have the time .

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Sorry to here. Hopefully you’ll find the right one soon.

Now that I’m out of school, my pharmacy has not given me nearly as many hours as I have hoped, so I am trying to find a secondary gig elsewhere. Pray that I get something.

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Hey! Go for it!! By no means do you have to put your real name :slight_smile: make up something fun and creative!! A bunch of artists prefer to stay anonymous!

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I just hope my crafts are too awful for Instagram. I’m really out of practice. But, after all these years, I need to put my foot down and become something more than just a student.

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Do it for you and do it for fun. Don’t be too critical about your art! Just keep practicing and let it be something you enjoy :blush:

Don’t be afraid to post your work!!

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I feel you on that. The last two years for me have just been study study study.

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Just wait until you get to graduate school.

I have not had a real hobby since I was 14. My family was and still is not too well-off, so I had to throw myself into school to be able to get a scholarship for college.

Anyway, if and when I finally get some social media off the ground, I can share it with you guys.

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I really respect that. I hope everything has worked out well for you, you deserve it after working so hard.


Meh, I am still in school: it is really too early to say whether it has all been worth it or not.

I hope it pays off! I’ll pray for you. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re in an American university right? (I see your location is Illinois) What’s it like?
I was in highschool in Busan, but I’m coming back to the states for college because I didn’t want to take the CSAT.
It looks a lot less structured from what I can tell, and the colleges I was looking at don’t seem very competitive, if that makes sense. (Like, class rank isn’t a very big deal.)


I am in pharmacy school right now, which is very different from undergraduate. You do not have control over your class schedule and you are expected to have a pole up your butt by professors and university personal because it is graduate school. However, at least there are no party animals at the on-campus apartments disturbing my sleep and studying. Back when I was in college, that was a huge problem even on week days.

However, classes at my graduate school are not graded on curves, so it is easier to get an A in graduate school than at my university. However, I went to a very top-tier university for undergrad and purposefully went to a lesser known school for grad school because I wanted to go to school with more down-to-earth individuals. In grad school, students are generally more willing to help each other out because the classes are not curved, so we are not pitted against each other in the classroom whereas, in undergrad, people only really helped out their closest buddies and sometimes outright sabotaged one another.

As for class rank, there are plenty of schools in the US that will take pretty much anyone that still has a pulse. I did not go for any of those, though.

EDIT: Did I answer your question? I think I veered off topic there.

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Yep! That was a pretty good answer, thank you!

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Thank you.

Talking about school tends to set me off into rant mode.

Y’all people with your talent.

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Anyway, can ya’ll pray for my job search? The pharmacy I am currently working at only gave me one extra shift since school ended and I am trying to find another gig for the other 5 days of the week at other stores within the same chain. Right now, a store in the city is looking at my application and called me this morning to confirm I was willing to make the commute.


Prayers offered for you in your job search, @redbetta!

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