The fruit of the two trees


St. Paul defines the fruit of good and evil in (Rom 2:19) “For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want to do”. The fruit of good and evil is a child of Adam and Eve. We can say this because only man has personhood, that is knowledge of good and evil. Any wonder Adam and Eve felt ashamed of their nakedness, it reminded them of their actions. Actions they now wish to conceal behind leaves. Once one sins, one desires to hide that sin in darkness. They could not bear to ponder the notion of what they have done and nether can we.

In the next event we see our two parents discussing the issue with God. Here it is best to use an example to explain what happens next. A parent is looking out of a picture window of his house and sees his child kick the dog. The parent calls the child into the house and asks the child what did you do? God has a big picture window into our lives.

Some day we will be like that little child in discussion of what we did with God. Adam and Eve failed their discussion are you going to fail yours.

I also think we cannot ignore (Gen 4:1-15) the story of Cain and Abel as part of the story of the fall. The blood of Abel cries out from the soil, “resurrection”, for Abel was the first martyr. A martyr is one who has chosen the fruit of the tree of everlasting life. Are you looking forward to your resurrection or have you pick the fruit of the tree of good and evil.

The two fruits represent the two natures, divine and human. We are always asked to choose between the fruits of these two trees. The divine nature is a relationship with God. When Adam and Eve choose the fruit of good and evil they lost their relationship with God, which held the relationship with the spouses together. The loss of relationship is called death. This means the only way we can restore mean full relationship with our spouse is through a mean full relationship with God. This why the church is thought of as a family, because of the need of these mean full relationships.

Lets consider together the meaning of these words.


There is only one tree, It bears the the fruit of knowledge of social consciesness.


[quote=Bill_A]There is only one tree, It bears the the fruit of knowledge of social consciesness.

Sorry Bill, but it is always a choice. Either we chose Christ and the way of ressurection or the ways of this world.


That is right. We have the choice to choose good or evil because we have conscience. If we did good or evil, without conscience we would not know. Some animals eat their young but because they do not know, it is not evil.


Bill there is more to the choice than good and evil, that is an indiviual choice as you say a choice of conscience. The choice of the tree of everlasting life is a trinitarian choice. A choice of being more than yourself of being adopted into the family of God. You become a we and not an I.


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