The full McCarrick report

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Interestingly, it would seem Vigano is not entirely lily-white in all this:

Viganò wrote to Cardinal Ouellet, the new Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, about this in 2012 and Ouellet instructed Viganò to take certain steps, including an inquiry with specific diocesan officials and Priest 3, to determine if the allegations were credible. Viganò did not take these steps and therefore never placed himself in the position to ascertain the credibility of Priest 3.

Was his condemnation of Pope Francis deflection from his own role?


I believe that when Vigano ‘dissented’, he was asserting that he, himself was a part of the scandal and that his involvement weighed heavily on his heart.

Yes, I seem to recall Vigano’s own role was not new news.

I doubt very much that Archbishop Vigano has been going out on a limb all this time to cover a sense of personal guilt. There will be plenty who will take this report and use to their own liking.

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As someone in the comments section mentioned, JPII who heard confessions didn’t believe the accusations against McCarrick because of false accusations stemming from old regimes? Really?

One observation:

McCarrick swore on his “oath as a bishop” that the allegations were false

When one is in bed with the “Father of Lies,” others should not expect their “oath as a bishop” to be worth anything. This is where the Church should really subscribe to “trust, but verify.”

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I got about 166 pages in before the document started to hang my system up.

Sounds like a total administrative and denial nightmare all around.

Only question in my mind is who abused McCarrick when he himself was young to make him act this way.


I don’t like to attempt to scrutinize peoples’ souls, but I really hope McCarrick is repenting of all the evil he’s done. He’s not a young man and he has a lot to answer for.


Do you think that JP2 heard McCarrick’s confession, or that McCarrick would have confessed to the acts that he’s been accused of?

No way of knowing. A priest (or bishop/cardinal/pope) cannot even admit or make known that a particular person even went to confession to them.

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He might very well still be in complete denial that he did anything wrong.

I hope not. He doesn’t have a lot of time left to get square with the house again.

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He may be mentally ill. He also may very well have been abused as a child. His father died when he was small, his mother was often absent, he would have been easy pickings for a predator.

We should just pray for him and leave him to God.


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