The Fullness of Truth and what we believe


We Catholics often said that the Catholic Church is the fullness of truth and those churches who are not in common with Rome only contain partial truth.

We also acknowledge that Catholics are required to accept the teaching of the Magisterium regarding faith and morals. We affirm this belief in the Nicene Creed when we recite, “We believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.”

This belief that we, Catholics, ought to believe is part of the Truth. We firmly believe that Mary remain a virgin all her life, sinless, and that Jesus is both God and Man. If we reject any of the truth of the Catholic Church, these belief from the deposit of faith, they become partial truth.

We see this from those former Catholics who turn Protestants. They reject the truths which the Church teaches, or Eastern Orthodox for their rejection of the Papal Primacy.

I can see why the Catholic Church claims to be the One Truth Church of Christ. I do know that Eastern Orthodox also profess this but the lack of Papal Primacy only make it partly true, not fullness of truth.

If Jesus did indeed told his Apostles and his other disciple that he will send the Holy Spirit to lead them to all truth, then there would be no reason for division in Christianity. However, sin cause this division which are caused by all sides, Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant.

I do think those who became Schismatic, or break from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church indirectly do not believe Jesus’ promise. I find this to be a risk for Christians to deny certain truths of the Christianity such as the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and others. The belief that we trust Jesus is not 100% being put into practiced, except by those who stand firm with Christ’s Church.

I could not accept the Protestant brand of Christianity or Eastern Orthodox for its lack of Papal Primacy. If I do accept them, I would find myself not trusting Jesus Christ since the Church was lead to all truth…I only accept the Catholic Church as whole with Pope as the visible head of the Church, who is the Successor of St. Peter, and Jesus Christ’s Vicar of on Earth, and Ambassor, and Steward of his Kingdom on Earth.

I also like to add that those Catholics who remain within the Church and teaches something contrary to the Magisterium find themselves at greater risk, and their trust in Jesus Christ would more lacking than those who are not in communion with Rome. These Caferia Catholics to including clergy. If a Catholic has issues with the teaching of the Church on moral and faith ought to examine themselves more closely. They don’t trust the Church, and hence don’t trust Jesus Christ.

I like to end this with the quote from Divine Mercy Chaplet Image. “Jesus, I trust In You.” Do we really trust Jesus? If we do, why the division?


The tares are allowed to grow with the wheat until the harvest time as the parable goes. It is this way within and even amongst those sincerely devoted brothers and sisters who are separated from the Catholic Church. We must pray as Jesus did for the unity of the Church. We must love them as dearly as if they were our own children and pray that the Holy Spirit will accompolish his work in each individual soul. Our hearts must ache for them as for our children who at times seem to have forgotten all that we have tried to teach them.
The Peace of Christ be with you.


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