The funniest laugh out loud TV episode ever

What is the funniest TV episode in a sit-com TV series that you have ever seen?
My pick: The Mary Tyler Moore Show: the funeral episode when Chuckles the Clown (dressed as a peanut) was killed by an elephant and Mary chides her co-workers for not showing respect and she finally starts to giggle uncontrollably at the funeral service. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The first one that comes to mind is when Sammy Davis Jr. kissed Archie Bunker on the cheek. The look on Archie’s face!:rotfl::rotfl:

I agree whole-heartedly. This is also my favorite.:smiley: As a runner-up, I’d mention the Bob Newhart episode where Bob was doing therapy for some family that all loved one another and were nice to one another.:smiley:

The Carol Burnett Show when Harvey Korman and Tim Conway did one of their skits…especially when Conway was the shuffling old man. Mr. Tudball. :smiley:

(course, that was not really a sitcom, but it was of the same era…) :thumbsup:

The episode of the Carol Burnett Show with the “Mama’s Family skit” where Tim Conway ad-libs the story about the Siamese elephants joined at the trunk. I first saw it in the 80s when I was a teen – I swear I almost had a stroke.

Actually, any of the Burnett shows where Conway deliberately set out to break up his co-stars (especially the hapless Harvey Korman): where he plays a dental student trying to give Korman novocaine and keeps stabbing itself with it; where he plays an SS officer to Lyle Waggoner’s American POW, whom he interrogates with an Adolf Hitler hand puppet; or where he plays the “old man” in various guises, usually opposite Korman.

As a side note, I think the only cast member he couldn’t crack up was Vicki Lawrence: she always seemed to be able to never reveal more than a tight smile regardless of Conway’s antics, but would then let loose with some caustic remark that would cut him off at the knees and leave him helpless on the floor.

Sorry if I went off-topic. If we are restricted to sitcoms, then there’s this:

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

When Ted Baxter, the pompous news reader/ anchor man on MTM, had a heart attack and a guy wearing surgical scrubs/ white coat carrying a “medical bag” comes by and stands there. Mary says, “wow, that was fast”. The guy says “we’re always in the building”. Mary asks “aren’t you going to listen to his heart”. The guy shrugs and places his ear on Baxter’s chest. Mary says:" What kind of doctor are you?" The guys says: “Oh, I’m not a doctor; I’m a copier repair man”.

There were a bunch of funny bits … but I can’t really repeat them here.

You had to be there.

WKRP in Cincinnati?

I agree and would say that The Bob Newhart shows were my all time favorites. There was never any profanity, God bashing, Church bashing, anything sexually suggestive. Just really great wholesome writing and delivery by maybe the best comedian ever. I loved those shows!

That one was AWESOME!!! I also liked the one with the phone cops!

By the power being the OP, Sitcoms now includes variety shows.

These ones are funny…I agree. The adolf hitler hand puppet one is particularly funny when Tim Conway sings, I’ll be working on the railroad, with a high pitched German accent. Lyle Waggoner can barely control himself from laughing. Tim Conway takes a pause for a few seconds, and continues, “Dinah, won’t you blow, Dinah won’t you blow your horn.” Waggoner becomes hysterical. Again a short pause, we think Conway is done with the song, but he starts again with, “Someone’s in the kichen with Dinah…”

God bless them for being able to make us laugh, and for enjoying their work so much.

“This is my brother, Daryl. This is my other brother, Daryl.”

Tim Conway was interviewed on ETWN. He just thinks funny.

I liked him on McCail’s Navy. “Gee, I like that kinda talk.”

Another funny one is from All in the Family.

Archie gets locked in the cellar, and the family isn’t home to let him out. He drinks a bottle of Vodka and in his drunken stupor, thinks that he has died. In the mean time the repairman who is supposed to repair the boiler arrives. He is an African American. He calls out , “Mr. Bunker…Mr. Bunker.” A drunk Archie calls out, “is that you, Lord? I’m in the cellar.” Archie believes he is going to meet God, and sees the African American man. The expression on his face is priceless, and he falls to his knees, saying, “Forgive me, Lord, the Jeffersons were right!”


I love Lucy, she use to crack me up. That woman was so funny, the faces she made were
priceless. I think one of the funniest was when she was stomping grapes in a big vat.

I had forgotten about that one. They sure don’t make sit-coms like that anymore. I can’t remember of any in the last few years that were actually funny!

I don’t watch any now. I’d rather watch reruns of “Golden Girls”, “Little House”, etc.

Home Improvement:


“I don’t think so, Tim.”

A psychologist friend says the best cure for depression is just remembering and visualizing Lucy and Ethel working in a chocolate factory … trying to package candy as they came down the conveyor belt … they “had a little difficulty” keeping up!

Tim Conway w/ the Siamese elephant skit was priceless!

But if anyone remembers “Real People” (and this may be stretching the sitcom/variety show definition) there was an episode where one of the hosts, the late Skip Stephenson, did a stand-up routine about attending Catholic school and how the cheerleaders were never the prettiest girls–they always picked the best spellers. It went something like this:

“It’s easy to be a cheerleader when you go to public school… ‘Give me a W, give me an E, give me an S, give me a T… W-E-S-T, Go WEST!’ But when you go to Immaculate Conception… it becomes a spelling bee! (he starts bouncing around, waving imaginary pompoms and chanting, really fast): ‘Give me an I, give me an M, give me an M, give me an A, give me a C, give me a U, give me an L, give me an A, give me a T, give me an E (stops, takes a deep breath, resumes bouncing and chanting): give me a C, give me an O, give me an N, give me an C, give me an E, give me a P, give me a T,give me an I, give me an O, give me an N! IMMACULATE CONCEPTION!’ Game’s over!”

One of the funniest of more recent sitcoms was the episode of “The Cosby Show” where Cliff is trying to find a quiet place in the house to read his paper and he finally settles in the living room where daughter, Denise, is watching TV with her boyfriend, Eddie, who doesn’t say much, just smiles and nods… until suddenly he begins singing along with the TV… “I say, Edmund!.. I say you go down! And I say, Edmund!” The look on Cliff’s face is priceless!"

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