The Funniest Swimsuit you have never seen!


This swimmsuit

I wonder who will try this! That is really attractive.


Gee, thanks. Now I will have to go sterilize my eyeballs. . .:eek:


Some people actually wear that. In fact, at the annual cheese roll at Cooper’s Hill in England (in which only a few contestants end up going to the hospital) there is a fellow wearing such a garment in the 2009 contest.
(scroll about a third to a half of the way down, on the left)


That link should have come with a warning label…some viewers may experience nausea or nightmares! :eek:


It reminds me of a slingshot. And I thought speedos were bad…


Ick. And here I was thinking of the time my daughter wanted to go swimming (she was about 2.5-3) and had no suit and so we jerry rigged a pair of my shorts to cover her up.




Has anyone seen anybody wearing this swimsuit at the beach?


My 16 YO has been looking for a swimsuit that fits him (he is very tall and skinny, so they either fit in the waist and are tight around the legs, or fit the legs, but are too big in the waist.)

I suggested this one…:smiley:

He just looked at me with this funny look and said, “What the heck is wrong with you, Mom?”:stuck_out_tongue:

His older brother thanked me for the Christmas idea! :cool:


too funny!! lol!


People actually buy that?


Haha nice. I don’t know if I would or not - certainly not of my own volition; somebody would have to dare me :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a good choice for the halloween party ,hahah.


Gaaaah!! Not the Borat swimsuit! Anything but that!!!

:: Goes for the eye bleach::


I heard that someone who lost a bet and had to wear one. On Facebook.


The customer reviews on it were pretty funny though.



I just about fell off my chair at work laughing so hard! :rotfl: I agree with the poster who said that picture should come with a warning label though.


Explore Richard Lee
This one is also cool.


Has the borat Mankini been out for ages?


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