The future has begun, says leftist Alexis Tsipras as he scents power in Greece


For the first time since the foundation of the modern Greek state nearly 200 years ago, radical leftists – marginalised, tortured and tormented for the best part of the 20th century – were on course to assume power. “Greeks,” he said, “should rejoice.” The government that had put the country through an assault course of austerity would soon be over.

                                                The make up of this coalition government would include Trotskites and Maoists !


Europe is already ruled by Leftists. You call this news?


It is, but these are real hardline leftists, many of whom espouse violence.


No election has been held, the left-wing party is called the Syriza:

An earlier story:

** Greek opposition party Syriza offices cleared after bomb threat ** - Reuters

Is there any evidence these people have engaged in violence? I’d like to see it.

You might have some violence on all sides there, sounds like the Syriza is going to rebel against the EU for austerity measures.

Oh, and the other groups we hear about in Greece, namely Golden Dawn.

The list of parties goes on. Remember Golden Dawn, the Greek fascist party that won 18 seats in Greece’s parliament in 2012? Members use Nazi symbols at rallies, emphasize street fighting, and sing the Greek version of the Nazi Party anthem. The Greek government imprisoned Nikos Michaloliakos, its leader, and stripped parliamentary deputies of their political immunity before slapping them with charges of organized violence. But the party continues to take to the streets. Golden Dawn has never hidden its close connections to Russia’s extreme right, and is thought to receive funds from Russia. One Golden Dawn**–linked website reports that Michaloliakos even received a letter in prison from Moscow State University professor and former Kremlin adviser Alexander Dugin, one of the authors of Putin’s “Eurasian” ideology. It was also Dugin who hosted Jobbik leader Vona when he visited Moscow. In his letter, Dugin expressed support for Golden Dawn’s geopolitical positions and requested to open a line of communication between Golden Dawn and his think tank in Moscow. Golden Dawn’s New York website reports that Michaloliakos “has spoken out clearly in favor of an alliance and cooperation with Russia, and away from the ‘naval forces’ of the ‘Atlantic.’”

It doesn’t mean all of this is so but if you have a few cases, you start to wonder.


Interesting how leftists always claim they are the future, and progressive, when, in fact, they are the most reactionary people on the planet.


These people never would have had a chance if it was not for the debt crisis. The “resolution” to the inability of the Greeks to pay $45b in 2010 resulted in saddling them with well over $200b in more debt which they have no hope of ever paying back and which has resulted in austerity measures so severe the people are reacting by voting against the government that approved the deals with the ECB (European Central Bank). In other words, the ECB effectively runs Greece and the existing government has essentially rubberstamped all ECB decisions made for the Greek people, not by them. In light of that, no one should be surprised that there is a significant minority in Greece that now want to throw off the bankers’ shackles and go their own way.

Expect the crisis to get worse. Should Syriza win control of the government, expect the ECB and Brussels to marshall all resources at their disposal to bring the Greeks to heel. Up to and possibly including armed forces. To the ECB and Brussels, the debt and the euro stand above everything else as the cornerstone of their power. At that point, all bets are off. IMHO, it will be the first domino to fall in the breakup of the euro. If the Greeks repudiate the debt and leave the euro, expect some of the other countries in trouble to follow. It will not be pretty, war could very well break out once again on the European continent.

My take for the last few years has been that the only way out for the Greeks is to repudiate the debt and replace the euro with their own drachma. The drachma will devalue quickly and then once it finds a floor, Greek exports will be really cheap and the country has a chance to recover. If they’re permitted to.


Its funny that these ruling parties show their true colors when pressured. The fake center right ND and the the socialists supposedly enemies and way different are sitting together in their cosy establishment coalition. They are the same thing just different names and paint jobs just like UMP and the socialists in France. One just acts quicker than the other but they want the same things. I can’t say I’ll be to sad that ND which is to busy beating up on the right will loose to these radicals. Maybe it will wake people up for a real alternative and not the same jokers over again.


It wasn’t “leftists” who raided the Greek bank accounts? It’s leftists fighting leftists all over Europe, and has been for decades. :cool:

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