the future Sunday Law?

Ever heard of this? Seventh Day Adventist eschatology proclaims that the Pope and world political leaders will enforce a Sunday Law and kill anybody who still worships on the true Sabbath, Saturday.

I think it’s safe to say that this is a lie based on how the world treats the Pope and the RCC.


It’s an insanity.

Not to derail, but this kind of idiocy reminds me of when the KJV-only wide-eyed fundies were claiming (and I am seriously NOT making this up), that the Vatican was training “loose women” to “infiltrate” fundamental churches to "bring the preacher down.:eek:
Begs three questions:

  1. Since IFB KJV only churches are such a small minority, why would the Vatican bother?:rolleyes:
  2. How exactly do you “train” loose women?:rolleyes:
    and finally,
  3. What makes them think the preachers don’t already know how to find “loose women”?:eek:

Same kind of logic, different group.

SDA just recently celebrated their 150th year as a denomination and at their convention, their sitting President stated, paraphrasing, that he was mad that they were their to mark this convention because if they’d been doing what they were supposed to be doing, Jesus would’ve already come back by now and they’d be in Heaven during the 1,000 years that Christ will reign before he comes back to wake the wicked dead and consume them, body and soul, into fire and out of existence.

I didn’t realize the Second Coming hinged on anything we as sinful humans do? God has had THAT DAY planned for millenia, eons perhaps.

yep I’ve heard it all from the SDAs. half my family are SDA including my dad. I remember when they celebrated the big 150 (as my dad called it). They are full of hate for the Roman Catholic Church and as usual completely ignorant of the Eastern Churches and most of the Church fathers as well.

No, it’s based on their prophetess (SDA) Ellen White that was conked on the head as a child and then had visions. The SDA Conference replaces really the magisterium in the same function.

I read every last drop of the SDA doctrine for there was an elder really active on the Protestant Catholic Debate board when it was up and running.

I have never in my lifetime meant anyone so anti Catholic in my life and on that board there were quite a few.

I do believe, and I could remember falsely the Pope “Changed” the Sabbath and led everyone astray from the truth. I believe that was one of Ellen White’s Visions.

You can search it and it’s pretty easily avaible. I can’t remember the book they seel on Ellen but one is really important to their doctrine but they hide that like it’s a little ole secret.

Addendum to my last post:
Yes Ellen White did have a vision in that the Pope(s) changed the Sabbath Day
and we could never find out which Pope of course did that for it’s not in the
vision nor is it true.

Interestingly enough none of the SDA’s had once clue we had Saturday Masses of course.
If we were planing to kill anyone that worshipped on Saturday I hardly think we’d OK a Mass that “counts for the true Sabbath on Sunday” It was struly frightening to hear their doctrine and read about how persecuted the Catholic Church would be at end times and
of course they are the little remnant of the saved for they will go underground to keep the Sabbath.
Hugely frightening to read about that someone could possibly believe such things and be indoctrinated into it so easily.

When you bring up the fact Lutherans, Presbyterians,etc and all who Worship On Sunday they are followers of the Whore or “tricked by the Whore” of Babylon

Yes of course, we do all those horrible things "In Secret " and hide away the evidence in the Secret Files of the Vatican. It seems like preachers like anyone else can find their own “loose women.” They don’t have to get one from Rome @@@

I didn’t realize they celebrated their 150th year as a denomination and recently celebrated that. They are probably have not converted enough Catholics.

I’m interested in what they are supposed to be “doing”

I think they have not heard about Jimmy Swagert and at least two of his ‘loose women’!!! :eek: :shrug: :stuck_out_tongue:

To them, that would be “spreading the Gospel” or in their president’s case, not enough spreading.

I am just baffled at all the different opinions of “prophecy” in the Protestant world. Thank God for the Magisterium.

Ha! It’s almost a shame to tell them that Catholics celebrate Mass every Saturday and spoil the joke!

:eek: I attend mass on Saturday evening :eek:, you don’t think that they are coming for me, do you???

Do you have a link to an SDA site to confirm this? Not doubting you, but it is good to hear from the horse’s mouth.


I don’t think friend Ellen made that definitive statement…if I remember her words correctly she stated something to the effect…“it could occur”…“it could happen”…“it was possible for it to happen”…not that it would happen.

I didn’t know catholics didn’t worship on saturday.

SDA’s. JW"s and LDS have come to my house over the years and I’ve never failed to be startled by the animosity they express toward the Catholic church and the bizarre things they attribute to it with both their words and their often hateful literature. Evangelicals or Fundamentalists on the other hand have always accosted me at work or other places where I’m out and about but always the same underlying animosity toward Catholicism is present.

In my life time, the time I ( or growing up those who came to our door to badger my family) have been badgered by all these people I don’t know of anything that comes even remotely close to what these people say about Catholics coming from the Catholic Church in regards to other religions.

The point of this post? Really nothing to do with the OP I’m just tired of people making excuses for blatant anti-Catholicism. To say that SDA’s don’t specifically say Catholics will kill people who don’t worship on Sunday is wrong, they do believe and say this, the literature I have from them says exactly that.
Anti-Catholicism is pooh-poohed here by many here but they don’t experience it because they are not Catholic, when accosted by these people they are not necessarily presented with the same “information” that a Catholic is presented with.

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