The game "Cards Against Humanity", mortal sin?


So last night I went over a friend’s house and they started saying we should play a game I had never heard of called cards against humanity, I didn’t know some of the people at the party and one girl even said she wouldn’t play cause she doesn’t feel comfortable with it, and my one friend told me it is basically a dirty version of apples to apples. I decided maybe I would find something else to do once they all started playing it. But when we went inside everyone but me and the girl who didn’t want to play sat down and played and I ended up just sitting in the room and said I didn’t want to play. It has some sexually explicit cards and inappropriate/offensive jokes in it, stuff I would never play by myself or with my Catholic friends. But I sat there anyway and listened to it cause I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else like leave or ask them to stop. Of course I didn’t take pleasure in the sexual jokes and imagery so I feel that I’m not in a state of mortal sin. But I’m very scrupulous about this and am so worried about going to Mass and receiving communion…


If you didn’t participate, you didn’t participate. You’re not responsible for the personal actions of others. Good for you for being a conscientious objector though! :thumbsup:
If you are still worried about it, go to confession and express your regret for not leaving or asking the girl to share an alternate activity, like a movie or a coffee somewhere. She might have been delighted to have a way out of the situation. The priest will clear it up for you.
But I doubt it’s a mortal sin. :shrug:


I just did a quick Google image search on “Cards Against Humanity”. Although the game mechanics are interesting, it, as Singer878 says, contains inappropriate jokes, some attacking religion.


Most unfortunate.


It’s basically a ripoff of a much cleaner game which preceded it, Apples to Apples. I highly recommend that game. Fun, clean but not offensive.


I played it once not knowing what it was and it is horrible. In one or several rounds, it resulted in very blasphemous things against our Lord Jesus. I will not play it ever again. In your case, not participating was a good choice. In case of mortal sin, then no, you probably didn’t. A state of uncertainty (like you) means you didn’t commit a mortal sin. Ask a spiritual director or a priest for some counsel regarding scrupulosity. And pray a lot for the scrupulosity to be taken away!


Good answer!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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