The gap between Lutheranism and Calvinism


I’ve heard some argue that it’s a mystery, we simply don’t know how God decides but God is sovereign.


Right. I agree. It is a mystery. But the argument that man freely chooses salvation, while others freely choose to perish in hellfire - and this at the hands of a merciful God who created these destinies in his infinite mercy- is simply the height of absurdity - an offense really. I don’t mean to be offensive. That is what I really believe. Predestination makes sense. Mystery.


Irresistible grace? No.
Lutherans believe one can reject grace


Could a Lutheran accept this sentence on a theological level?

It is God’s mysterious plan to open the eyes of some to the Truth but not others.


Not without proper context. The wording is too vague, and seems to suggest that God desires some to be damned. That is unacceptable to the Lutheran.

Now, it would not shock me if you’re quoting a Lutheran. Speaking flippantly one might conceivably say those words, but they’d be muddled and too easily misunderstood. Vague wording doesn’t build a broad consensus; it stirs up misunderstanding and subsequent division.


It was from a Reformed pastor so that’s good news for Lutherans. Reformed pastors praise Luther a lot but they sure don’t share some of his key beliefs.


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