The Gates of Hell & The Rosary

If you’ve ever listened to Curtis Martin through his FOCUS apostolate or seen him on his football themed TV show: Apologetics Dumbed Down for Men, you know he does a darn good job with the exegesis of the phrase: The Gates of Hell will not prevail.
That’s one of the more common English translations, albeit not the one used in my Jerusalem Bible.
Curtis explains that gates don’t prevail in the common sense of the word and it’s better to understand that they won’t withstand as the Church breaks through them.

With that in mind, consider the subtitle of one football fan’s book on the Rosary: Chaining the Gates of Hell with the Rosary

Why does one chain a gate? It’s usually to make it more secure; less impenetrable. You chain a gate if the gate is insufficient by itself. No?

Doesn’t a phrase like this perpetuate the misunderstanding many people have of that biblical passage? Why would Our Lady assist Hell in keeping us back?

My interpretation would be that to chain the gates of hell means to prevent those inmates from emerging and attacking the Church. IOW, keeping them imprisoned in hell. But maybe the metaphor “gates of hell” is being stretched beyond its limits :wink:

Yes, it would appear you have stretched an already faulty metaphor based on a misinterpretation

This definitely is an interpretation I can agree with!~:thumbsup:

Since the Church teaches that no one can be released from hell if they are damned there, then it would make sense to me that the gates are “chained” whether literally or figuratively.
One can’t get out.

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