The Gay Gene Hoax

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I know this is a topic that is often debated on this site.

I am no scientist, I am not psychologist or psychiatrist. I can not answer what is genetic or learned. What I can answer to is the fact that I am a homosexual. I was not molested as a child I did not have anything happen to me differently than my heterosexual brother. From as early as I can remember, I have been attracted to males. I have never had an attraction to females even though I tried throughout high school and college to date and “force myself” to be attracted. My eyes are always drawn towards males and my sexual attraction is always directed to males.

Was I born this way? I can not answer that. Only God truly knows the answer to that question. Did I choose to be gay? That I can say for sure - NO. I did not choose to be ridiculed, judged, discriminated against, hated or any other negative action that I have encountered as a result of it. I did not choose my attraction, in fact - I did everything I could to fight it.

Both sides of this argument claim evidence and proof of their point, and there will always be fights for both sides. The one that we must argue our case to though is God - God is the one that will ask us how we lived our life according to God’s plan. God is the one that will ultimately judge whether it is a choice or not.

This is such a hot-button issue, and I can’t begin to offer an educated opinion on the science of it. All I know is from experience. I have known several people who, from the time they were little, growing up in normal, two-parent families with several children, ALWAYS exhibited tendencies and behaviors that are typically associated with the opposite sex.

Of one man, I told my late mother that I knew he was gay before I knew there even was such a thing, he was so effeminate in every way from the time I first knew him as a very young child. My sister “came out” 10 years ago, and, in retrospect, I wonder how we missed all the signs; never played with dolls, was always tough and athletic, never did anything remotely “girly.” That is not to say that ALL people who identify themselves as gay display these tendencies; there are plenty of “macho” men and “girly” women who profess to be attracted to the same sex.

I certainly cannot say that no one who identifies himself/herself as gay has, for some unfathomable reason, “chosen” that lifestyle. I do know that I will be astonished if scientists do not very soon find, if not a “gay gene”, then SOME biological or physiological explanation.

While I completely support the teachings of the Church on this subject, I’ve got to feel that God has great compassion for those for whom a normal married life is impossible. It must be a very lonely struggle for someone who believes in Jesus and tries to follow the teachings of His Church while contending with same-sex attraction.

If there is a gay gene then it will be interesting how many apply for genetic therapy.

A chaste homosexual has absolutely no need to declare himself to anyone. They can live their life in service to God.

“Ellen” was touched by her stepdad; later she rebuked him when he tried to molest her.

Interesting download.

You only say that because you’ve never had to experience the pain of being in the closet. :rolleyes:

No I have not had to experience it.

But, many of us have stayed in the closet regarding other trials.

I hope those struggling with same-sex attraction know about

And for those who desire therapy, there’s, but of course therapy is not required of Catholics, and not everyone wants it

A chaste homosexual also has absolutely no need to hide or lie about his sexuality, since being a homosexual is not sinful. A chaste homosexual can be honest about their sexuality and live their life in service to God. I have been honest with my family and my friends. I didn’t have to do it and I certainly didn’t owe it to anyone, but hiding the truth made for 28 miserable years.


thank you so much for your honesty and charity. you say something here that needs to be heard by so many of us. the fact that most (if not all, but i have no authority to say that) homosexuals don’t “choose” it. in fact they fight against it.

i am with you on the whole “were you born that way or did something cause it” question. there is not evidence (as of yet) that shows any sort of “gay gene”. but there is so much to show that whenever it happens, it takes place before an conscious choice can be made. that is why nearly all homosexuals say, “i’ve always been this way”… because they have.

maybe that’s because therapy aimed at changing some one’s sexual attraction doesn’t actually work.

now if you are talking about therapy because of depression or other psychological issues that can be worked through and overcome… i’m all for that. but these organizations to make people “un-gay” don’t really work (at least for the vast majority of folks who go through the programs) and it’s not from a lack of trying as many homosexuals would tell you, they would prefer to be straight as life would be so much easier for them.

Thank you for your honesty and candidness. That takes courage. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that God has a plan for each of us. This life may seem an eternity if you suffer, but irregardless it is not an eternity. We are here only a short time, and we are all called to conversion from sin to holiness. Get as close to the Lord as you can, perhaps through that “daily walk”, and ask Him to enlighten you as to what sin for YOU is. When He “talks with you” as the song goes, you will have your answer. Until then, how would you know what is acceptable and what is not? Is the Church right? Is the Bible right? Sure, you can accept them in faith, but how do you know for sure?
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” In that “kingdom” you will find the truth and “the truth shall set you free.” I believe God in His own time and way, will answer you. Whether in this life or the next. But until you receive that answer, is it worth deciding on your own?
Would this not be YOUR will? Or YOUR choice? Give it some thought.

I think that it might help other homosexuals to know that it is possible to live a celibate lifestyle. The media makes it sound as though humans will explode into fiery bits if they don’t constantly have sex.:rolleyes:

Can you imagine how confusing this must be for a teen who has a same sex attraction but wants to follw his/her faith? Thre are no role models of chaste gays for gay teens.

Before any parent freaks out because they have a boyish daughter I should point out that several women in my family were tomboyish and they all ended up married and with children. My sister is a case in point. She was so boyish that my mother openly wondered if she was gay, but my sister married at 19 and is deeply in love with her hubby.

Although I personally was not as boyish as my sister, I was certainly not girlie. I only played with dolls because my mother complained that she spent money on me. But what I really wanted was cars and trucks. I was attracted to guys from the time I was very young.

My youngest daughter is a tomboy of sorts but when she was four years old she crawled in my lap and whispered that she wanted to kiss Aragon from Lords of the Ring.:blush:

Thanks for posting that Tiggeriffic (great name, by the way). It’s amazing because I could take that little testimony and paste it as my own profile. Other than my not having a brother, your experience sounds exactly like mine. Thanks for your honesty and have a great day.


Hi deb1! You are so right. That is why I’m always perplexed when people ask why it’s important for a chaste homosexual person to be honest about their sexuality. Isn’t being a chaste homosexual a good thing? Besides that fact, it makes it much easier to not have friends and family setting you up with dates and constantly asking why you aren’t dating anyone. I don’t walk around and introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Kolbe and I’m a homosexual.” I’ve been honest with the people close to me. Thankfully, I’ve received nothing but love from all of them. The people I work with and people I meet on the street have no idea. There is no need for them to have an idea.

Can you imagine how confusing this must be for a teen who has a same sex attraction but wants to follw his/her faith? Thre are no role models of chaste gays for gay teens.

Unfortunately, I don’t have to imagine it at all. It is a complete and utter nightmare. I used to beg God for mercy and forgiveness when I hadn’t even considered doing anything sexual. No middle school child should have to endure that. Unfortunately, those who could be role models will probably never have the chance. Too many people would rather the role models silently serve God. And if role models did try to speak at schools you can just imagine the reaction.

So many parents don’t want their child to “learn” anything about homosexuality. The fear of “accepting the lifestyle” is so great and these tortured kids are paying the price for it. These kids listen to televangelists preach on the certain damnation of homosexuals. They listen to their parents give voice to their disgust with homosexuals. They listen to society claim that they will grow up to be a threat to children. These kids have been dealt a really tough hand. They NEED role models, they need to know that their is hope and that they aren’t a mistake.

Is there a gay gene? I don’t know, and I don’t care. All I know is that most people don’t choose their sexuality. It’s important for us to realize that and to help those, especially the young, who are dealing with it.

Just two more of my cents. :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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